Will getting onto Page 1 of Google solve your problems?

Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google.

It certainly is the place to be if you want your business website to be found and (hopefully) browsed by potential customers. But will Page 1 rankings get your business the interest it deserves and boost sales?

Getting on to Page 1 of Google can take a lot of time, effort and, of course, money. Most businesses will try out Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing to help shift their websites up the ranks to that prestigious Page 1. Keep in mind that SEO is not an overnight success story and it often takes many weeks and months to see good results. Of course the longer those results take to achieve, the more money you will need to keep paying to your chosen SEO marketing or web design company!

Achieving a position on Page 1 of Google does not guarantee instant success. Your website is still competing with the other 9 or more listed companies on Page 1. That’s not including the several businesses that pay Google to appear at the very top of the list in the ‘sponsored listing’ section. You will soon come to learn that your business website needs to stand out from the crowd to attract attention, even as it languishes on Page 1!

On Page 1 first impressions really do count. People expect Google to list the leading business websites that can offer the product or service that they are searching for. When a person clicks and arrives on any of the websites listed on Page 1 they will still decide within a few seconds whether they want to stay and browse, or leave and find someone else in the list. So, if your business website is not up to scratch you can immediately wave goodbye to any potential sales leads.

Before even thinking of spending money on SEO to market your website it’s a wise idea to take a long and hard look at your website. What elements of your website could be improved to make it more appealing and engaging for potential customers? If you’re at a loss and don’t know where to start, please stay tuned! In my next few Blogs I will be making some suggestions on how you can improve your website from a customer’s perspective.

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