Tips for anyone looking to get a website done: Part 1

If you’re looking around to get a new website design done, then you might also be seeking out some guidance on exactly what to do. In the next few Blog entries I’ll be sharing some advice with you, which will hopefully help you better prepare for your website design project. So let’s begin with our website tips…

Why are you getting a website done?

Sounds a silly question, huh? But really, what is the reason for having a new website done, and how do you expect it to help your business? These will be some of the first questions that any web design company will ask you. Having clear objectives right at the start for your new website will be essential.

How do you see your new website?

This will really made up of several key components. How do you imagine your new website will look like? Is there a particular look you have seen on another company’s website that you really like? Also, have you defined a layout for your website? Also will there be any special features you need?

What is your budget?

How much you have to spend on your new website design project will have an impact on what can be achieved with the new website. Web design companies will cost up your project on how much work they will have to do in order to design and build the new website. The general rule is, the more complex your project is, the more money it is going to cost. If you have a set budget in place for the project, be prepared to have to compromise on some features or functionality that you want for the new website.

Are you thinking of on-line marketing?

Right at the start of your project you should start thinking about how you are going to get your website seen by customers. A great looking website will not achieve anything for you unless you get it in front of your customer’s eyes. There are a number of ways to get your website seen including Search Engine Optimization and Google Adwords. Unfortunately these search marketing services cost money. So you will have to factor on-line marketing, in addition to your website, in whatever budget you have available.

In the next Blog we will look at researching a suitable web design company.

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