Trick Or Treat

Don’t let your website design be a nightmare experience to customers!

So you had your website done a few years back, well maybe 8 or more, you can’t really remember? A friend of a friend (of a friend) did it for you at a bargain price. OK, it wasn’t the best web design, not exactly what you wanted, but hey you were on-line with a website and that’s what really counted.

Then one day, out of the blue, you just so happen to think about your website and bring it up on screen. Horrors of horrors! That’s one dreadful looking web design. And it’s displaying your company logo design too! What were you thinking? More importantly what must your customers think when they see it? Is that why you’ve never really had any sales inquiries come through from the website?

The harsh truth of today is that if your website design sucks, you can wave goodbye to getting any kind of attention on-line. Your website visitors will simply leave and click onto one of your competitor’s websites within a few seconds. So what can you do about it? You don’t really know where to start and what you exactly want!

First of all, don’t be tempted to follow the same route you did last time. With web design you really do get what you pay for. Some companies will offer you the world for another ‘bargain’ price, but at the end of the day you’ll be left with another dud website that you hate, as well as being out of pocket. It really is time to contact a reputable web design company that will deliver you with the goods!

After you have contacted a few web design companies you’ll soon know which ones you potentially want to do business with. They’ll be the ones that actually talked to you and asked lots of questions about what you wanted to achieve with your website. They’ll also have provided you with a quote detailing your project and the costs involved.

When narrowing down your choice of web designer to work with don’t also forget to check out examples of their work. You’ll find this in their on-line portfolio section like we have here. Do their sample web designs fit in with what you want for your own website? What about their feedback from other customers? A good selection of testimonials is a sure sign they’re a company you can trust.

Whilst thinking about the company you want to work with it may also be a good time to think about your search marketing requirements. Once your new website has been designed and built you’re going to need to get it seen by customers. What can your shortlisted web design companies offer you regarding their on-line digital marketing services such as SEO? And what would be the costs involved?

Getting your new website created by your final choice of web designer should then be a smooth process. Before long you’ll have a website that you’re not only proud of, but customers love too because they’re making inquiries.

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