The visitors that arrive...and then disappear

We all know that just getting people to see your website in Google’s search results is a major hurdle, but then when someone actually clicks on your website and lands on your home page, how can you encourage them to stop and stay?

We’re all guilty of it. We flick from one website to another. If a something doesn’t take our fancy or grab our interest we’re off in a shot to somewhere new! In fact they estimate that when people land on a website they’ll make up their mind whether to stay or go within just a short few seconds. That’s not much time for us website owners to make an impact is it? But don’t despair, there are quite a few tricks that you can use to retain the interest of visitors. In this first article we’re going to look at the essential factor – website accessibility.

We as website owners have to make sure that we make our websites and website content as easy to access as possible. When a visitor lands on a website’s home page they’ll want to feel comfortable and in control of their visit. They’ll want to be able to quickly and easily find the information they want. That means they won’t want to have to figure out how to move around within your website. They’ll expect a good design layout and easy to use navigation system that fully accommodates them.

One of the other main factors to keep in mind is that the majority of website visitors now use their mobile devices. This means that websites should look and function perfectly on much smaller viewing screens. Again, website visitors will expect it. So, if your website does not have a mobile responsive website design the chances are you’re going to lose visitors very quickly.

Many websites that were designed just a few years back weren’t created to function or be viewed on mobile devices, simply because it was perceived there wasn’t the need. If your website is relatively old, then it would be worthwhile checking to see whether it is mobile compatible. Nowadays, a reputable web design company such as us Globalgraphics will as standard create mobile responsive versions of every website created.

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