It's time to address that tired looking web design

It’s a great time of the year to start things afresh! Why not tackle a few of those things that have really niggled you for the last 12 months (or more!)

Yes, I know that perhaps doing more exercise, starting pottery classes or renovating your basement, could all be at the top of your New Year’s resolutions. But what about your business? How could you make things better to generate more leads or sales? Could your website be one of those things?

Ah, yes your website! Do you slightly cringe every time that it catches your eye? Does that web design really do you justice and align itself to your business? Does it do a good job in showcasing the great products or services that you specialize in? Is it just plain old tired and a sight for sore eyes?

If the answer is YES to any of those questions, well what could be a better time to invest in a brand new website. Well it is the rather space-agey technologically sounding 2020! Don’t worry, you won’t burn your pockets either. There are plenty of website design solutions, whatever your budget allows.

So where do you start…?

Well, before rushing into it, doing some evaluation and research is always a great idea. First of all, take time to sit down and have a real good long look at your website. Try and make yourself see your web design through the eyes of a potential customer. Make a list of what you like and don’t like. How could things be improved? Be completely honest and don’t make excuses!

In conjunction with the evaluation of your own website, take a good look at some of your main competitor’s websites. How do they compare to yours? If you were a potential customer (again) what attracts you to their company…and what puts you off! What elements and features of their web design do you think would work for your business?

Defining the website you really need…

After the evaluation and research exercise you will have ended up with some great notes that will help you define the website you really want in 2020. It’s now time to make a wish list of what you want for your new website. You’ll also, hopefully, have got some ideas together for the layout of your website i.e. the sections and pages that you need.

Please don’t worry if the evaluation and research exercise has made you feel completely overwhelmed and exasperated. It is quite normal to feel this way and to to think that you’ll never be able to compete with that ultra swish, all singing and dancing website design that you leading competitor has. You will! You have already made a great start and any kind of information that you have gathered will really help you achieve the website of your dreams.

Let’s talk money!

OK, so this is bit where all business owners squirm. What are you honestly prepared to splash out on your brand new website? What can you really afford this year? Can I give you some ideas of costs you ask? Well as a ball part figure you’re looking at a starting cost of $2000 plus HST and upwards. The cost of your website will of course depend on how many pages you want, the kind of features you are after, etc. Keep in mind that different web design companies in Toronto will also have different price structures in place too.

Don’t forget that your new website will need to work for you in generating customers leads and sales. To do that it needs to be seen by potential customers in the search results of the major search engines such as Google. That means you’re going to have to put some money aside from your budget for online marketing, such as Search Engine Optimization or Google Adwords.

Time to find a Web Designer…

With all the information you have at hand it’s time to find a web designer in Toronto that offers you a deal that you like and who you feel like you could work with. And boy are there plenty of web design companies out there for you to choose from! Don’t just pick one from the list you find either. Have a good look at their websites with a critical eye. Do you like their website and the work they do? Do you think they would be a fit with you? Make a shortlist of the web designers that have caught your eye.

Many, if not all of the website design companies operating in the Toronto area will provide you with online inquiry forms or that you can complete in order to get a quote for your project. Some you can email direct too with a list of your requirements. Or, of course you can call and talk to discuss your project with one of their team. Remember – the more information you can share regarding your website project, the more detailed a quote and accurate cost they can provide you with.

In the next Blog we’ll look at the different types of web design solutions that could be offered by your shortlisted web design companies and the pros and cons of those solutions.

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