Be aware of web design shortcomings

So you’re thinking about getting your website done by one of the many web design companies?

You may already have some great ideas of how it’s going to look, how the colour scheme is going to work and how pages are going to be laid out. Or perhaps you have no idea and want to be guided by someone who can help! Whatever your position, design tastes are very personal. You’ll want your chosen web design company to create your website exactly to your taste.

Getting the right look and feel for your website will of course be key to your on-line success. So it’s essential to make sure that your chosen web designer works closely with you throughout the website design process to achieve the exact look you require. You will need to provide the web designer with your company logo (if you have one), and also let them know about any particular websites that you like the look of, colours and font styles you like (and don’t like), etc. All of this information will be invaluable to the web designer as they prepare design concepts for you.

If you are lucky your web designer may achieve that exact look in the first web design concept they create for you. Often the case this doesn’t happen and you’ll have to provide feedback on what elements of the design concept you like, and what you don’t like. Be prepared to provide feedback on several more design concepts until you’re happy with the result!

Unfortunately not all web design companies will offer you a thorough web design process as mentioned above. They will try and shoe-box you into design templates that they already have and will only create 1 or 2 design concepts for you to choose from. If the design concepts are not to your taste, or you insist on tweaks and modifications being made, expect to be charged extra on top of the agreed price! Therefore always ask in advance if they offer an unlimited number of design revisions as part of the project cost. If so you should be in safe hands and will get the web design of your dreams.

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