Introducing Wufoo!

Businesses use on-line forms on their websites for a whole variety of reasons.

For example, workshop registrations, job applications, contact forms, tests etc. The list goes on! On-line forms are great for website visitors, as they can be completed at a convenient time. They’re also great for businesses because the information entered within forms is stored electronically, and therefore easy to access.

Creating and building a form is no easy task, as you need experience working with databases and scripting etc. Of course a web design company will be able to assist you with your on-line form requirements, but did you know there is an alternative?

Let’s introduce you to Wufoo (great name huh?). Wufoo is a nifty Internet application that allows you to design and create forms that can be used on your own website. Without you having to be an IT genius! As you design your form and create the fields you require, Wufoo automatically builds the databases and backend scripts. Once you’ve finished you can literally copy and paste your form’s ‘code’ into your own website. Hey presto!

And the cost? Well Wufoo offers a range of plans starting from $0 to $199.95 a month.

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