Fabulous e-commerce features

Selling on-line is certainly a great way to boost your sales. So making sure that your on-line store is a great place to shop is essential!

Of course, having a great looking, customer focused ecommerce web design will attract customers in. But the trick is to keep those customers on your website, and hopefully catch yourself a sale. There are plenty of ways to do this, such as keeping your prices competitive, having a good range of products to choose from etc. There are also some great e-commerce website features that you can provide your customers with, to enhance their on-line shopping experience.

Here are just some features to think about…

Wish Lists: Wish Lists are great fun. Customers can browse your website and add individual products that they like to their own personal Wish List. Wish Lists remind customers of what products they are interested in and want to buy.

Product Videos: This feature is becoming extremely popular on on-line stores. Customers can watch video clips that show products in detail and how they work. Video is a super feature to help boost sales conversions.

Discount Vouchers: Customers love to get discounts when they shop, and it’s no different when they shop on-line. Discount Voucher codes can be entered in during the checkout process, and hey presto the website deducts the monetary or percentage value discount to the product or total sales. E-commerce website owners often advertise Discount Voucher codes on their Home Pages, or send them out to customers in e-mail newsletters.

Star Ratings: On-line shoppers love to see how other shoppers have rated individual products. With a Star Ratings feature, customers that have an account with the on-line store can give an individual product a number of stars (usually between 1 to 5 stars), depending on how satisfied they are with that product.

The above are just a sample of features that you could use to make your e-commerce website design more exciting. To find out more, why not get in touch with our expert e-commerce web development team!

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