Improve conversion rates on your ecommerce website

An E-commerce web design company has a lot to consider when creating a beautiful website that will help convert visits to sales.

Any reputable web design company knows that design is a major factor to boosting conversion rates on e-commerce websites. While SEO and social media is important for creating lead magnets, you still have a well-designed site to make the sale. It can’t just be good to look at either. It has to have specific components that lead people where you want them to go on your site.

Stanford University did research on website design, finding that about 45% of consumers base a company’s value on the design of their site. Adobe also did a study on what people want to see on your site and found that more aesthetically pleasing sites performed better sales wise compared to websites with plain designs. Top ecommerce designers will also be keen to inform you that 38% of people will just leave a website site if it doesn’t appeal to them visually.

Time To Formulate a Plan

Any of the top ecommerce web design companies are going to tell you that you have to set clear intentions. When you make goals of what you want your site to do, the design plan can be created to align with those goals. If your site is used as a lead generator for sales, there are certain features that can ensure success. You can better suit the needs of your customers which makes it easier for them to understand and buy from you.

A powerful way to convey your business ideals to your clients is to communicate it. When you start sorting the plan for your website, you gain a great perspective on your business and the value you bring to your customers. Address this on the website with a simple statement that explains the unique value you bring to them. Now focus on this as you have the website designed and make sure your messages, content, and media presence is in alignment with it.

Limit the Options on Your Site

If you’ve never heard of Hick’s Law, it is a theory that will often be used in web design because it’s important. The law says that the time it takes for a person to make a decision is related to the choices they have. When you give people too many choices, it takes them longer to make a decision. This does not work in your favour.

You can boost conversions when you have less choices for users. The best ecommerce designers in Canada will cut back on how many choices you have available in your navigation bar. You will also want to consider what readers will do when they are on your site. Reducing options will help you lead them to the sales page.

Make Sure the Checkout Process as Easy as Possible

Ecommerce designers know how important it is to have a seamless checkout process. To achieve this, the design of the form needs to be well thought out. The designer needs to ensure that the order of the fields make sense for the customers. The fields should have clear labels. If your customers feel frustrated when they try to check out, you could lose them and they will likely never go back to your site again.

The Importance of A/B Testing

A/B testing is quality assurance of your site. A designer will test designs against each other to see what will convert sales more effectively. When you hire top e-commerce web designers, they will test designs against each other. They are also capable of measuring how the user feels about these designs. They will make adjustments to design features and elements of the sales funnel until there is reasonable change that enhances sales. Testing what your clients will like page by page is tedious but it is an essential way to improve conversions.

Pages that Load Quickly

In the design it is really important to consider how fast your website is. A slow website is a conversion killer. Even if there is a delay for one second, this results in a reduction of conversions by 7%. There are free sites that will tell you your website speed such as Google PageSpeed and Pingdom. If your website proves to be running too slowly, the best ecommerce designers in Toronto can determine what design features are causing the problem. While it’s great to have a site that looks beautiful with great visuals, it’s also important that people want to stay on the site long enough to make a purchase.

Colour Counts

Colour is a powerful way to tell people what you’re about without creating clutter. It can let people know what your brand is all about. Look at Apple for a great example – it is simple but what people see when they look at it is that it’s an easy to use product. It also looks expensive so people don’t question the price tag. The product plays a big part in this but the packaging really does highlight the best parts of Apple.

The most experienced e-commerce designers are going to know what colors will create the right emotions and reactions in your customers. When you leave this to chance, you may cause an adverse reaction and scare customers away.

Contrast will also be a consideration. You want text, headlines, and call to action buttons to be what the customer notices. The font and colors of the buttons should have a high contrast against the background.

Keep it as Simple as Possible

It’s important to keep your web design simple and minimalist when you’re trying to increase conversions. A clean and tidy design means there are no distractions which simply make it easier for people to buy. You don’t want to create roadblocks for people who are willing to spend money on your products/services. Customers actually become agitated with too many things shoved into one page.

Being seen online isn’t just luck of the draw. The best web design companies in Canada know what it takes to become highly visible online and how to capture sales. Little details count. Source out pictures that capture your message, minimize navigation links, and create enough negative space to please your customers. Make it beautiful with an undertone of leading the customers to the page where they make a purchase.

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