Take control of your website content

Why choose a website with a content management system?

You’ve invested in a fabulous new website design and everything is great. Then, a few months down the line you decide that you’d like to change some pictures and maybe alter some text. The only way to do that is for you to get back in touch with the web design company and ask them to do it. And, of course, they’ll charge you to do it!

‘Static’ websites (websites that you cannot edit or update content yourself) are on the way out. More and more businesses want to be in charge of their own website content, so they are opting for ‘Content Managed’ websites. Keeping website content updated with fresh and relevant information is not only great for customers, but Google and the other search engines love it too.

But is it easy to keep your website content updated?

Nowadays most of the content management systems used in websites are very much straight forward to use. Naturally it will help if you have some experience using computers and also have basic typing skills! But you most definitely do not need a degree in computer programming. As standard most web design companies will provide you with training on how to use the content management system for you website.

Websites nowadays really are one of the main advertising tools for businesses of all sizes. Therefore keeping customers informed about all of the latest products, promotions, news and events etc will be essential. And what could be better than being able to do this yourself from your own computer?

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