It's only a website... so what's all the fuss?

Does your website design have the right look and feel?

Does it make you feel proud? Or does it make you wince ever so slightly and feel somewhat embarrassed?

Let’s be frank about it, not so long back, having a website was just another ‘thing’ that businesses needed to do. So it’s not surprising that many businesses simply employed the nearest and cheapest web design company (or individual that said they could design a website!) to do the job as quickly and painlessly as possible. It didn’t really matter what the website looked like did it? No one would really look at it would they? You were there on-line, just like your competitors were. It was another ‘thing’ done. Another box ticked.

My, how times have changed since then.

But have they really changed? It still surprises me today that businesses either…

  1. Do exactly the same as mentioned above, with little enthusiasm to what their website will look like.
  2. Still have the same dilapidated website that they had created for them 10 years ago.

The way I perceive websites is the same way I perceive stores in the shopping mall. If the store outside looks tired and worn, and the window display looks like it was done half-heartedly, I’ll stay well clear of it. And I’m positive that the majority of people will feel exactly the same way. Those same people being your customers.

Nowadays there really is no need to have a dreadful looking website design. There are a huge number of reputable website design companies out there that can design and create wonderful websites. Just be aware. There are an equal number of rogue traders that will take your money and deliver complete rubbish. That, or promise you the world for a handful of dollars. Choose your website design company wisely!

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