Web design on a budget?

Naturally you’ll want a web design that you’re proud of for your business.

The trouble you may have is that you only have a limited amount of money to spend on web design. What are the chances of still getting a website designed that you really like? As one of Toronto’s most established web design companies, here’s some advice that may help you…

If you only have a very limited LOW budget, then you should really be prepared to limit your expectations. Like most other products or services, the same applies with website design. What you pay for is what you get. We occasionally get approached by a customer who wants a top quality, exclusive, custom designed website, but then tells us they have only two or three hundred dollars to spend. As you can probably guess, with the amount of work that goes into custom web design, unfortunately we cannot assist them with their project.

For a client who want to keep their spend down, the best route to take is to use a WordPress website theme for their new website. Website Themes (once referred to as Website Templates) are website designs that have already been created by someone else. There are many thousands and thousands out there to choose from, and to be honest many of them are fantastic. Whatever business you are in, whether you are large or small, you are guaranteed of finding the perfect Website Theme for your new website.

The way it works, is that your chosen web design company will use the Website Theme design to build your new website. They will be able to tweak elements of the design to better suit you, insert your company logo and web page content, and hey presto a super looking website is yours! The only downside to using a Website Theme is that many other companies could be using the same Theme, so it won’t be exclusively yours. The cost? Well you’re looking at a starting cost of around $1500 plus HST.

For those clients who have a larger budget than that, well it’s really worth considering custom website design. This is where the web design company will design and build a website to your exact specifications, resulting in a website design that is exclusively yours. With this option you’ll get to work alongside a web designer that will listen carefully to your design aspirations for the website. They’ll then create design concepts that they believe will meet those aspirations. Through a process of your feedback and further design work, your new website design will come to life until you are completely happy with that design. The cost? You’re looking around a starting price of $3000 plus HST and upwards depending on your exact requirements.

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