What website design solutions can you expect?

Following on from my previous Blog where we looked at revamping your website this New Year, let’s now move onto the different website design solutions that you may be offered by your chosen web designers.

Nowadays, having a great looking website is within everyone’s grasp. Most website design companies in Toronto offer a range of solutions to attract all types of customers. So whether you’re a large corporation, or a one man band, there’ll be a web design solution that’s perfect for you. Let’s start off with having a website designed from scratch…

Custom web design

Custom web design is when a website is designed to your own individual requirements. Some people will know exactly the kind of design they want for their website. Some will even created graphical layouts of how it should look. On the other end of the scale, others may have a scant idea of how there website should look. This latter group will be looking for the web designer to inspire them with creativity and to provide design options.

Give us the information

With custom website design you can expect to have a consultation with the actual web designer. They’ll listen carefully to any ideas you have (if you have any!). They will try to get as much information out of you as possible about your business. This includes the products/services you specialize in, your customers or target audience, your competitors etc. They will also want to know what other websites you like and what elements of those designs appeal to you. The list of questions goes on…but the answers you provide will help them do their work effectively.

The design process

As the actual design work starts, your web design team will prepare graphical concepts. These will be of how your website could look. They’ll share these with you and ask for feedback on what you like and don’t like. Changes will then be made to those graphical concepts. Sometimes brand new concepts will be created, and again you’ll be asked for feedback. This back and forth process will continue, with each time the web designer narrowing down exactly what needs to be done in order to create your perfect website.

Once a final web design hits the mark with you, its then passed on to the web development team. The new design is then made into an actual functioning website.

2 main pros of Custom web design
  • You get to work with the actual web designer and be part of the creative process
  • You’ll get an exclusive website design that’s completely unique and all yours
2 main cons of Custom web design
  • You’re paying extra for the web designer to follow that creative process
  • Your website won’t be built until you pass-off a final design choice,

Next up is an option that cuts out much of the design process…

Website Theme design

Some of you may already be familiar with Website Themes, but let’s introduce them anyway. A Website Theme is in effect a website design that has already been created by someone else, and certainly not by your web designer. There are lots of companies out there that specialize in selling pre-made Website Themes, and there are a colossal number of Themes to choose from. No matter what kind of business you are in, there’ll be a large selection of Themes to choose from, no matter what design style you like.

How it works

The way it works, is that you’ll let your web design company know which Website Theme you want to use for the new website, or alternatively they’ll help you choose a suitable one. Website Themes come at all different prices, but expect to pay between $100 and $200. The great thing about using a Website Theme is that elements of it can be changed by your web designer. These elements include colours, font style etc, but your web design company will advise you on elements that can changed for a specific Theme. Remember also that your own company logo, images and text content will replace that dummy text shown in the Website Theme you purchase.

Modernize or Customize?

Your website design company may then offer to either customize or modify the Website Theme. This is concerning those changeable elements we mentioned above. The rule of thumb is, modification means just changing basic elements of the Website Theme, whilst customization takes things a whole lot further in what’s changed. If you’re happy with much of the Website Theme’s design layout, modification will probably do. If your Website Theme needs a lot of tweaking and changing, then customization is probably your best route.

Once your Website Theme has been modified or customized, the web development team takes over where the Theme is transformed into an all singing all dancing website.

2 main pros of Website Theme design
  • You will spend less as the web designer doesn’t need to go through a full creative process
  • Your project can have a quick turnaround because you’re already using a pre-made website design
2 main cons of Website Theme design
  • You’re confined to much of the elements that the Website Theme provides you with
  • Many other businesses may also choose to use the Website Theme you have chosen

So what looks design option looks better?

Well, as the old saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people can tell whether a website has been created using a Website Theme a mile off, whilst others wouldn’t have a clue. It really all comes down to whether you have a strong idea about how your website should look and feel, and whether you are willing to compromise on that. Your budget will also have a big say on what design option you choose!

Please also keep in mind that for certain types of websites with specific design layouts and more complex functionality, custom web design is the only route that will be offered. That’s because a Website Theme wouldn’t be able to house that layout or functionality. Of course, your chosen web designer will be able to guide you in the right direction.

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