Why a web development team?

Your website has never been more important to the success of your company.

Even if your business is run out of a brick-and-mortar location, clients will visit your website, and they will expect to navigate through a well-seasoned machine. It should supply them with all the latest information they’ll need to do business with you and be a reliable source of information that is constantly updated.

If your business lives online, then we don’t need to tell you how important a high-quality website is. And even more importantly, we hope you’re taking the time to look for a reputable web design team.

Whether you’re looking to hire a web development team, weighing the pros and cons of an in-house hire, or are still on the fence about what your best bet is, here are some things to think about.

The New Website

Social Media vs. the Dot Com

Many people expected social media to replace websites, but it hasn’t. What has happened is that people now expect your website to be updated more often than before, and Google’s continuously changing SEO rules make it very important to be adding new content constantly.

Social media has made it an even bigger priority to have a modern-looking website that keeps up with the latest trends. Your social media platforms and your website (when operating correctly) should play off each other and form a solid sales conversion.

Your Visuals Matter

Our world is more visual than ever. A great logo and graphics will stand out while someone scrolls through the Internet. But that’s not the case for an old-fashioned, grainy image. Low-quality images will drive people away from your website because they look unprofessional.

Take the time to create a website that looks modern. Formats that worked even five years ago may not work today. Visual design is constantly changing, and you need to stay ahead of those changes if you want to stay relevant.

The Everchanging Landscape

Stay Ahead of the Trends

In today’s world, trends are always evolving. Staying on top of what everyone is doing and what’s a thing of the past is a full-time job in itself. A single in-house full-time employee will struggle to keep up with everything – we’ve seen that happen time and time again.

That’s why many website development companies in Toronto focus entire teams on identifying these trends, reacting to them, and creating designs that are cutting-edge.

From appearance and performance to implementing add-ons like chatbots, there are many things you need to consider.

Mobile Phones and Tablets

It’s no longer about looking good on desktops or laptops. You now have to think about how your website will appear on different mobile phones and tablets – and there are so many on the market today that it’s a big deal to know the quirks of every individual brand.

Beyond that – Google themselves are prioritizing the mobile experience and will even penalize websites that do not offer a high-quality one.

The tech and software used on all styles of phones is changing with every new model that is introduced. Who knows where mobile phones and tablets will be in just a couple of years. But if one thing is for sure, mobile isn’t going anywhere.

What a Web Development Team Can Offer

Website development is a huge undertaking, and it requires a ton of time and knowledge to master. Not only do you have to stay on top of changing trends, but you need to be up on the newest technologies, features, coding languages, and design styles.

So, why hire an external web development team?

  • The risk is lower than hiring a full-time employee and on boarding them.
  • Hiring a team will cost less and get you more.
  • Web development teams are knowledgeable about the latest industry updates.
  • Outsourcing your web development lets you find the most talented individuals for the job. This decision allows you to access talented web developers in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. There are no barriers because these developers can work remotely from anywhere in the world.

One more thing. We recommend you ask the right questions when looking at a web development firm.

Thinking of Building a Website? We’re Your Toronto Web Development Team

If you want to find an effective web developer in Toronto, Globalgraphics can help you. We’ve spent more than a decade helping small and medium businesses build out their web presence through web design, graphic design, and digital marketing packages.

Your customers deserve a great website, and you should give it to them. But websites are not like they used to be, you can’t just set it and forget it. It’s important that you seek the services of a professional team.

Hiring a web development team is cheaper, more efficient, and more effective. You’ll get access to top talent and fresh ideas by trusting a top website development company, and you’ll see the effect it has on your company.

Are you interested in learning more? Contact Globalgraphics today by calling (416) 256-7800 to see how we can help transform your business in the digital world.

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