Should You integrate Your Site with CRM Software?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software plays a huge part in the way you manage, interact, and organize your client base.

No matter how big or small, experienced or inexperienced; integrating CRM software with your website can increase client satisfaction and save you time (and headaches) when organizing everything.

Here are several advantages CRM software can offer your website and business:

1. Decreases Customer Churn

Customer churn is something that many companies have to deal with. Sometimes customers leave, cancel their servers, or move to a competitor.

With a CRM, response time is quicker (sometimes instant), and the customer is happy that they’ve been contacted immediately. By getting back to upset customers quickly, you can nip problems in the bud and keep them from escalating too far.

A CRM system allows you to keep all feedback and complaints in one place, allowing you to perfect your process and nail down the best way to approach certain problems.

2. Higher Sales Conversions

Integrating your website with a CRM will increase sales. More leads will engage and your process will be better, so there are fewer places in the process where you can lose a potential client.

You might have a great website that engages clients, but CRM software is the final touch to creating a seamless process where someone goes from website visitor to paying customer. It shortens the sales process, and it provides your team with better data to work from moving forward.

Every detail matters when it comes to sales. Having the ability to provide a personalized sales experience can increase your conversions significantly.

3. One Place For Customer Data

With the right CRM software, you will now have all customer data in one place. From sale to renewal to customer complaints or inquiries – a CRM system will be your one-stop-shop for keeping everything nice and organized in one place.

You can use your CRM software to do things like:

  • Create detailed customer profiles
  • Establish where a customer is in the sales cycle
  • Track important anniversaries and milestones
  • Create personalized notes for your sales reps
  • Update customer profiles as accounts mature
  • Simplify access to essential contact information

4. Reduces Admin Duties

A good CRM system reduces your admin’s workload. It takes a combination of things and organizes it for you in one place. While the price to integrate a CRM system might seem large, CRM platforms save you time and money. A well-integrated system can reduce employee onboarding costs and other additional expenses.

Your CRM system centralizes all essential data about your accounts, employees, and other aspects of your business. After integrating, the system will track everything for you, meaning you have more time to focus on other things.

5. Instant Insight

CRM platforms provide your business with a lot of insight. You can check the status of accounts, track important deadlines, and see if you are meeting your internal KPIs. A CRM platform gives you instant access to everything.

You’ll be able to look into an issue before it escalates out of control. CRM software keeps you informed and provides you with high-quality insights about your customers.

6. Create More Personalized Customer Experience

A CRM system will help you and your customer service team create a more personalized experience for your clients. You can leave notes that only you will see, so when you talk with them again, you can show that you remember your previous conversation and really do care.

Did they mention a staff picnic that was coming when you talked with them last? Make a note. When you talk to them next, ask how it went. They’ll be shocked that you remembered and it helps you create a personal connection with that client.

In older times, a salesman would write notes on business cards so they would remember. Now, a CRM system is the business card.

Ready to Integrate Your CRM Software?

It’s 2019 – and your business should integrate a CRM system into its website. It will help you analyze your customers, stay organized, and reduce your workload. The software does all the heavy lifting for you.

Are you interested in creating a personalized and streamlined experience for you and your clients? We can help you get your brand new CRM system up and running. Call Globalgraphics today at (416) 256-7800.

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