Optimizing your own website content

Writing text content for your website can be a complete chore, unless you naturally have a flair with words.

But does it really matter? Does anyone really sit there and read what’s on your web pages? The answer is a big YES. And not only potential customers, but the search engines too. Optimizing text content for both of these is essential.

Potential customers will browse your website to find out more about you, and whether they want to do business with you. Your website may look great, but do those words on your web pages back it up? Too often website owners spend thousands of dollars on their website design, but then ruin things with poor, badly written text content on their web pages.

So what makes for good text content on websites? Well, ultimately website text content should be written with the customer in mind. For example, if your product or service is used by a broad target audience, then the text content should be written to appeal to that broad range of people. Text content on web pages should always be informative as possible, relevant and succinct. Remember that visitors to your website will want to quickly find out about you what you offer, without wading through endless paragraphs of text!

Keep in mind that people will also want to know what geographical locations you serve. You can easily do this within text content on the different pages of your website. This also helps the search engines know too, which means that your website has a higher chance of being listed when people search for your product/service with your location.

Find out more about how Canadian businesses can let search engines know that they are Canadian in this interesting Huffington Post article on SEO.

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