Google's warning of websites being marked as “NOT SECURE”

Important message to all website owners from Google

On August 17th Google contacted website owners via the Google Search Console. The message was concerning HTTP web pages that contain on-line enquiry forms, login fields and other input sections. From October 2017, these web pages will be flagged up as ‘NOT SECURE’ by the Chrome Browser.

The reasoning behind Google’s decision is that HTTP pages that have forms and fields (where data can be entered by someone) do not offer secure enough communication. In order to guarantee secure communication between a person’s browser and the website the HTTP page needs to be upgraded to a HTTPS page. This is because HTTPS pages facilitate secure and encrypted communication of data

So what can you do?

Google stated in the message that affected websites will need to migrate HTTP pages to HTTPS as soon as possible.

Contact your website host provider to action this for you. If your website is hosted with Globalgraphics Web Design we will have already reached out to you in order to resolve the problem with your website. If you have not heard from us please contact us on 416 256 7800.

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