Are your Products letting down your e-commerce website?

Leading on from my previous Blog, which looked at how e-commerce web design can put customers off, we’re now going to look at Products.

Whatever products you’re selling on-line, it’s essential that you provide customers with clear information about those products. You may know your Product range inside out, but what may seem apparent to you about an individual product may not be apparent to your customers. And if it isn’t apparent and customers feel unsure about buying, well, you’re losing sales.

For each product that you have for sale on your e-commerce website you should clearly describe that product as succinctly as possible. Provide as much useful information as possible that is going to help customers decide whether it is right for them. If for example it’s an electronic part, then you will need to provide technical specifications about the product, including what specific electronic equipment it is meant for. Don’t skimp on providing customers with additional information that will help them make the right choice. Whatever you think will be useful WILL be useful eg. Size charts, official product reference codes, colour options, data sheets, video clips etc.

Then there’s product images. Providing customers with good quality images of products are just as important as the text descriptions that you provide. Always try to use clear, sharp images that display products in the best possible light. If you can try to provide several images of each product that are taken from different angles. And please, NEVER ever be even tempted to use blank images displaying the text ‘Product Image Coming Soon!’

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