Is your e-commerce website performing?

Selling products on-line can be extremely successful, so why isn’t your e-commerce website performing as well as you thought it would?

In the next few Blogs I’ll share some tips and ideas on how you can make your on-line store work much better for you in getting those sales rolling in.

On-line stores are very much like regular stores. Customers will quickly judge whether they want to stop by and browse, or move on to the next store. That means that if the landing page (or Home page) of your e-commerce website doesn’t hit the mark, you are losing sales. It’s as simple as that!

People landing on your website will decide within just a few seconds whether they want to stay. That means that you need to immediately catch their eye and grab their attention. Successful e-commerce website design do this using a number of ways. Top of the list is ensuring that the website has been designed and built with the target customer in mind. This means that the website will have an instant appeal. The biggest mistake an e-commerce website owner can make is having their website designed to their own ‘personal preferences, without a single thought to what the customer would like.

If you think that your e-commerce website may be putting off potential customers, then you may want to consider a facelift. Checkout the look and style of competitor’s websites? How do they compare to your website? If you were a customer on their website what would you like/not like? Once you have gained some good ideas and inspiration for your website its then time to contact a web design company.

Ultimately the choice of design will come down to you, but a reputable ecommerce web design company will try to guide you in the right direction when it comes to designing your e-commerce website. You will now already have ideas on what you want your on-line store to look like, but be open to suggestions on how those ideas can be improved upon.

In the next Blog we’ll take a look at the Products you’re selling.

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