Best ways to achieve exposure for your Blog articles

As a business person I’m sure you know that even if you’ve got the best, most innovative and uniquely wonderful product in the world, if you don’t market and release it properly, it won’t sell as well as it should have.

Business blogs are no different. Carry on reading and you’ll hopefully get some tips that will maximise the bang for your buck when it comes to blog post exposure.

We’ll start with just a few tips that are small but can make a sizeable difference.


If you don’t already, you should start using visual mediums within your articles. There is a plethora of scientific studies to support this but we’ll quickly summarize them down for you:

On average, when an individual visits a website or piece of text they’ll read only 28% of the content per visit. But, when you add colour visuals, their willingness to read increases by 80%! 80%!

So, by adding visuals to your articles you’ll increase the exposure of your posts, by making people more likely to actually read them.

The use of visuals has also proven to make texts appear significantly more trustworthy and persuasive. This means that not only will your readers trust you more, they are also more likely to buy something off of you.

See, I told you, simple but effective.

Support Other Blog Posts

Where possible, support other blog posts within your industry by sharing them among your readership. How’s that going to help me I hear you ask? Well, put simply you scratch someone else’s back and they’ll tend to scratch yours back.

The additional links will also help to boost your search engine optimization.

Reach Out to those who helped you write the Blog

If you’ve used anecdotes, facts or statistics from someone else in your blog, then reach out to them on social media and let them know. If you reach out publicly, on the likes of Twitter, it’s likely that their readership/audience will see your blog post too.

With any luck, they might even share it for you on their platform which will further boost your exposure. Or even better, they might like what they read and return the favour by referencing one of your posts in their future articles.

Plus, it’s nice to be nice and say thank you for their help – good karma and all.

Make use of Regular Readers

One way of guaranteeing exposure, is by making the most of your regular readers. Include links to share your blog post, within the article. This will encourage and allow you regular readers to share your post among their friends and colleagues.

Also, subtly but persuasively encourage readers to subscribe to your monthly blog email. This is a sure fire way of hooking your readers into becoming a regular, which will do nothing but good for your levels of exposure.

Social Media

As I am sure you have realized, timing in life is everything. Business Blogs and social media are the same.

To maximize the exposure of your blog posts, make sure to post them when your target audience is most likely to be online. For instance, posting a link on Instagram to a blog targeted at uni students at 8am would be like advertising for Christmas decorations in July.

Making your posts ‘Search-Friendly’

You’re going to want to have your posts optimized for search engines in order to get the most exposure possible.

You can achieve this by key wording your articles with key words that are relevant and trending within your industry. Firstly, research what these words are and then seamlessly integrate them into your articles.

Additionally, including links to previous posts of yours, in your new posts will also help. Providing links to external relevant and trending pages is also worth the trouble.

My last tip is a little more technical, but in terms of tracking your exposure it’s probably the créme de la créme of top tips.

UTM Links

A UTM link, is an additional piece of code at the end of the URL that you post with.

These additional extra digits are huge when it comes to analysis.

They significantly increase the level of detail and information that Google Analytics will provide you with when you’re investigating the level of traffic that you’re getting on your blogs.

This will be hugely beneficial as you’ll be able to tell which posts are getting the best exposure, where this exposure is coming from and when the best time to post your future blogs is.

Last but not least, don’t forget to advertise and promote your blog posts on your own website. A bit of self-promotion will most certainly help to boost your exposure numbers.

Not all of these tips will work for you and, unfortunately, you’re not going to skyrocket your exposure overnight; but give at least a few of these tips a try, stick with them and I’m sure you’ll see a difference in your exposure levels.

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