Top 10 Website Design Trends in 2022

The design of a website is no different to the design of a car, or a piece of clothing. As we roll through the years and society changes, so do the trends that provide a driving force for how they’re designed.

In 2022, we expect Website Design to establish itself on design concepts that use clean, smooth, and yet sometimes striking looks. Scroll on down to a breakdown of the top ten website design trends for 2022.

Minimalistic Visual Design

You know the old phrase “less is more”? That’s exactly what minimalistic design is about. It involves the use of a few well-designed, aesthetic features that clearly focus the reader’s attention onto the most important aspects of the site.

Apple are great at doing this. They produce simple, yet artistic, pages that place their products and key information at the centre of the reader’s attention.

Bot and AI Technologies

Nearly all of our day-day tech now makes use of Artificial Technology (AI) to make our lives easier. Your website design should be no different.

The use of Bots, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning and AI will enable your web-designers to create more targeted content and with more appropriate webpages for your target customers.

It can also help with the aesthetic design of your site, (robot) hand-picking colours, themes, and fonts to tailor your website precisely to the needs and wants of your users.

Unique Fonts & Bold Typography

Have you ever clicked on a website that exclusively uses Times New Roman? Fonts like that are painfully dull and boring. Don’t be that website.

Bold Typography can also be used to help emphasise meaningful pieces of information

3D Design Elements

The bold and grand nature of 3D design makes it a great design feature to captivate your users. Moreover, recent developments of new software have made it significantly easier for web-designers to include 3D design on their site.

However, be careful not to clutter your site with an over-zealous approach to 3D design as you run the risk of visually overwhelming your readers/users.

Oversized Elements

They’re attention grabbing and big, so they can be a great way to better convey the brand message of your website, product, or service.

Do bear in mind a minimalistic approach to this design feature as you don’t want to overdo it.

Split Content

Typically, this involves the cutting your webpage into two symmetrical parts that contrast each other in terms of style and colour. The bold nature of this approach can provide your site with a lively fresh appearance and it’s a great way to communicate multiple messages using only one webpage.

Light and Dark Modes

You’ll likely have already spotted this design feature on a variety of mainstream sites or apps like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Microsoft 365. It’s a feature that enables users to switch between modes as they please.

Providing users with the ability to toggle between modes will help to make your site feel more individualised. Additionally, it may even make it easier to read dependent on the time of day.


First and foremost, videos are a great way to diversify the content of your website and help to prevent overbearing users with reams and reams of text.

Furthermore, videos that showcase your brands products/services can help your brand to appear more trustworthy as consumers are able to see a real-life demonstration of your brand in action.

What many people don’t realise is that videos also provide a means to increase your sites SEO. Embedding YouTube videos into your site can help boost your Google ratings and then hopefully your website traffic.

Mini Animations

Similarly, to videos, small animations and GIFs provide a simple and effect way of diversifying text-heavy pages. They are sometimes preferred over the use of more data heavy videos, as they do not slow down the websites loading speed as much.

Coloured Gradients

Coloured gradients provide web designers with the opportunity to flex their creative muscles, without over-cluttering or complicating the design of their site.

An aesthetically pleasing blend of colours can be used to complement other design features such as Oversized Elements, Unique Fonts or 3D design.

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