Why WooCommerce is becoming a Number 1 choice

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that integrates an e-commerce store and its components onto your site.

It’s a free open source platform you can use if you’ve already invested the money into your domain name and WordPress theme. So although WooCommerce is free to install and use, there are indirect costs to get in alignment with it.

WooCommerce was launched in 2011 and now supports 30% of online stores and over a million sites. People just starting their online stores are particular fans of this platform because it’s so user-friendly. It’s also ease to migrate over to if you’re not happy with your current e-commerce platform. If you’re not looking to get involved with back end work, then find yourself a reputable WooCommerce Developer in Toronto with experience to help you with all your needs.

Themes and Plugins for Business Growth

WooCommerce and it’s free source marketplace is filled with extensions to make your online store function the way you want it to. The open source platform gives you plenty of features and has a friendly interface. While it’s a great for helping you begin your online store, it can also carry your business as it begins to grow.

There are over 300 extensions that allow you to build what you want in ways your customers can relate to. You can make your site look however you want it to as long as you’re willing to put in the hours. If it’s a bit daunting, you can always hire a WooCommerce Agency in Toronto to manage the development according to your wants and needs.

No Matter What You Sell, WooCommerce Can Manage it

WooCommerce is versatile in selling the type of products or services you have available. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling real teddy bears or downloadable emoji’s, WooCommerce is flexible enough to manage it. The WooCommerce store allows you to sell virtual or affiliate products too.

You don’t have to know too much about the technical aspect in order to get your products and services online. What makes it easy is that you can categorize your items, give them sale prices, or attribute them independently. Maybe you’re selling a variety of physical and virtual products. That’s no problem for WooCommerce.

Integration Made Easy

WooCommerce allows you to build a functioning store within a professional WordPress website and it also connects to your blog. These dimensions of your online business all feed off of one another so you receive all benefits within them. For example, your blog content can bring traffic to your online store.

You’ll have a great look for your online store with default WordPress themes that have your store design in mind while adhering to current trends on the market. Yes, it’s free but that doesn’t take away with the fact it’s a professional online store solution. The platform not only looks good but it comes with default tools to help you give customers the best experience.

The platform offers;

  • Detailed order tracking
  • Tools for engaging customers
  • Status updates for delivery
  • The ability to apply discounts easily
  • Tax settings
  • Management of inventory
  • Options for shipping>
  • Coupon codes.

WooCommerce Loves Developers and it Shows

WooCommerce was created with developers in mind. It has a basic online store with highly robust framework. So although a customer can start playing with WooCommerce, developers can make whatever they can imagine. Extensions make it possible for developers to create powerful, functioning sites that are well suited for the largest of corporations.

Toronto Developers specializing in WooCommerce say it’s an excellent combination of value, personalization, and scalability. Regardless of what a customer wants to sell to their audience, it’s easy for a developer to set up the store and get them selling their wares online.

Plugins Create Functions that Matter

A WooCommerce web design company in Toronto will have access to plenty of plugins that allow your site to work in ways that matter to you. Here are just a few examples…

WooCommerce options for payment gateways allow you to set up 117 different payment options.

It can build product FAQs on your site based on the questions you’ve been asked in the past with the WooCommerce Product FAQs tool.

WooCommerce can help you send follow up emails to customers that have purchased. This is a great customer service standard, creating loyalty. The plugin lets you set up emails that are sent at a certain time and day.

You can even quickly add products into your online store with Product CSV Import Suite if they are currently in a database, Excel spreadsheet or another e-commerce platform.

Built-In Analytics

WooCommerce allows you to keep track of your customers and their particular activities on your online store. You can determine what products are the hottest sellers and figure out how much money you make on a daily or monthly basis. The built in analytics also lets you know what the average spending was for each transaction. The best thing is it’s all easy to follow with simple diagrams and verbiage you can understand even if you’re not a finance major. You can also get an add on like Google Analytics Pro for true in-depth sales information.

WooCommerce is a cheaper and easy solution when it comes to starting up an online store. It is capable of being a powerful SEO tool thanks to its integration with WordPress. It allows you to engage with your customers in a variety of ways and lets you know how your business is doing. However, it does require man hours to set up along with a lot of research to become an expert. An easier solution might be to find an expert WooCommerce company in Toronto that can build your store based on your specifications.

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