Why WordPress is ideal for SEO

Did you know that statistics gathered by ManageWP showed that by March 2016, WordPress has become the most widely chosen and used Content Management System (CMS) in the world? It’s also great for SEO!

WP has a market share of close to 60% and powers more than a quarter of the websites on the global net. So why do business owners and digital marketing experts rely on WordPress? The answer is simple. The key to the success of any e-commerce website is how well it can rank on search engines. The higher the ranking, the better chance it has of getting traffic and making sales. And, WP can make that happen. How? Read ahead and find out.

Simply by adopting WP for your e-commerce website, you include all the essential elements for your business to rank well with search engines.

Here’s how….

SEO compatible links:
WP allows you to create “pretty permalinks.” Each time you create a post or page, the link will have the necessary keywords and key phrases that indicate to search engines and visitors what the content in the page is all about. All latest WP templates have a standard setting where you can choose the content for the link.

Ability to Add Title Tag and Headings:
The title of the post you create forms a part of the h1 tags and works well to attract search engines. By adding other tags and structuring the content, you can give out the details of the information on your website that Google search bots can understand easily. And, this is possible without adding HTML tags.

Facility to Create Interesting Content:
Given that great content is an absolute essential that can set your website apart from the others, WP includes a smart word processor that allows you to create that content. Add all the multimedia you want including high-definition images, diagrams, infographics, and videos.

Allows Optimization of Images and Videos:
While optimizing your content can guarantee that search engines can find it easily, WP also allows you to add ALT tags to your images to further optimize them for the internet.

HTML Pages:
Although WP code is written in PHP, the resultant HTML pages can be easily picked up by search engines. The newest themes developed today like Genesis use the positives of HTML5.

In short, if you’re looking for the perfect tool that can help you create the best possible website for your business, WordPress has everything you might possibly need.

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