Web Design Template or Custom Website Design?

If you’re considering getting a website created by a web design company this New Year, then here’s some information that will certainly help you make a decision.

Websites come in all shapes, sizes, colours, functionality…and the list goes on! So how do you know what website design would suit your business? You think you have an idea of what the website should look like, but perhaps you’re not too sure whether customers would like it?

Don’t worry! An experienced web designer will be able to help you! When it comes to web design you basically have two options.

  1. To have a website custom designed especially to match your exact requirements.
  2. To use a Template (or Website Theme)

Let’s have a closer look at both of these options to see what would best suit your needs….

With Option 1 above, as it’s described, you’re going to have a website that is designed for you from scratch. That means that your chosen company is going to create design concepts of how your new website could look. Then, through a process of your feedback and the web design company’s creativity, further concepts will be produced until they finally arrive at a website design that looks great and matches your exact requirements.

The benefits of having a custom website design created especially for you is that it will be unique and designed to fit in perfectly with your on-line business objectives. The downside to having a custom website design is that the creative design process can take some time until the web design company achieves exactly what you want. It’s also going to cost you some more money, simply because the web design company has to work more to create your website.

So what about Option 2 – the Web Design Template? Well, when a Frontend Template (or Website Theme) is used to create a website, you are in effect cutting out all of the creative design process with the web design company. That’s because the Web Design has already been created. All the web design company will do is tweak a few elements of the Website Template to better suit your business.

The benefits of using a Website Template are that there are literally thousands of Templates (or Themes) to choose from. Also, because the creative design process is being bypassed by the web design company, you are saving some money. The downside to using a Web Design template is that other businesses out there will be using the same website design as you, and also that your on-line business will need to fit in with the Template that you have chosen.

Ultimately it all comes down with budget. Do you have those extra funds available to get a website designed to exactly as you want? Or are you prepared to compromise on website design and prepared to slot your business into a premade website layout in order to save money? You can find out more information about the differences between custom web design or using a Website Theme here.

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