Achieving the best web design for construction companies

Whatever field you specialize in within the construction industry, however large or small your business is, customers will of course expect you to have a website.

Perhaps you’re a start-up company with no online presence, or you already have a website but think it may need a complete overhaul. Well look no further – we’re here to give you some tips on how to achieve the best possible web design for your own construction company.

Your website’s purpose

Long gone are the days of just having a website because everyone else had one. If you’re investing in having a website designed and built, it’s essential to pinpoint exactly what you want that website to achieve for your business. Your website is a valuable marketing and promotion tool which needs to work for you in which ever way you choose.

Today, website’s come in all shapes and sizes; built with different features and functionality that proactively assist businesses in their daily operations. For example, do you want your new website to act more as an online brochure to showcase your expertise and assist in lead generation? Or, perhaps there needs to be a secure login area where customers can access documents that you have prepared for them?

Getting the design right

With web design it’s essential to achieve a look and feel that appeals to your specific target audience. It’s also about user experience (UX), and making sure that the website is designed to best serve the end user. That may sound very technical, but simply put, UX addresses the needs of website visitors; why are those people visiting, what are they looking for, and what is the simplest and most intuitive way to help them navigate to the information they need?

An experienced web designer will work with a construction company to achieve both the right look and feel for the website, and the best possible browsing experience. The web design process will normally include the creation of multiple graphical concepts of how the website could look, before a final design is chosen and the website built.

Preparing content

The web design company will create the look and feel of your website and build it, but you will need to provide the text content and images that are presented within your website’s pages. Try to compile the best content you can as potential customers will judge you by you present on your website. Remember, often the case you will only have one chance of making the best impression.

Text content:

Text content should be written to engage and interest your prospective target audience; it should be relevant, succinct, digestible and drive visitors to get in touch with you. Keep in mind that website visitors will often skim read blocks of text, so make sure you frequently use those important keywords they are looking for.

Not everyone feels comfortable writing text for their website, that’s where the help of a copywriter comes in. Some web design companies, like us at Globalgraphics, have an inhouse copywriter who can prepare top quality text content for all areas of your website.


Nothing speaks louder than a good image, so you should choose images that are high quality, relevant and credible to your industry. This is your chance to shine out and connect with potential customers. For example, display images that show who you really are, what projects you have undertaken, what equipment you use and clients you have worked with.

When needed, Globalgraphics Web Design can provide high quality library stock images to clients to use on their websites.

Accessibility and speed

Not everyone will use a desktop computer to view your new website, so it’s essential that it’s responsive to smartphones and tablets. Any reputable web design company will ensure that your new website is optimized for viewing on handheld devices before it launches.

You may have a brand new website that wows the world, but if web pages load slowly it will be a total turnoff. Again your chosen website design company should address any issues with site speed and will recommend any actions that need to be taken to avoid these.

Need more advice on getting the best possible website?

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