Choosing the 'Best' web design company in Toronto

A reputable and experienced web design agency in Toronto really is capable of helping you create a website site you can be proud of.

Face facts: A website that doesn’t look professional and doesn’t function properly really doesn’t do you any favours at all. A great looking website has the potential to lure people in to make enquiries or buy your products. If yours isn’t doing either of those then you are probably lacking way behind your competitors.

Why It’s Important to Choose the Best

It’s important to know what a good web design company in Toronto should feel like for you. You should feel excited about the designer that’s going to help you improve your business. There are a lot of companies out there so if they don’t initially measure up, find someone else.

Don’t assume that the cheapest is the best value. On the other end of the spectrum, the most expensive agency may not be right for you either.

Look for a company that talks about technological function as well as how the website will look. You’ll want an agency that has multiple teams that work with one another. Marketing professionals helping professional web designers is a good example of this.

Here are some important considerations when it comes to looking for the best web design agency in Toronto….

Do You Like Their Style?

One of the first things you should do is check out an agencies website. Does it appeal to you? Are the graphics crisp? Do they have a decent portfolio of past work that proves they know what they’re doing? Do you like their past work?

Check to see if they’ve designed a site that relates to your business. If they did, do you feel like they represented it effectively?

It’s important the designer constantly pulls together impeccable graphic design while organizing company information that makes it appealing to the reader. Make sure you get that from all their sample.

Did They Ask the Right Questions?

A great website design agency in Toronto will ask you discovery questions that will help in making the best site for your needs. If they just take your direction and don’t ask you any questions, walk away. A website designer should know who your competitors are, how you want your message articulated, who your clients are, and what your goals are.

These kind of questions showcase how much they know about the power of design. They should respond to whatever questions you have quickly and have a business sense as a secondary skill. They should give you some advice based on their experience. They should also listen to what you have to say, especially when it has something to do with the profession you’re in.

What is Their Guarantee of Improvement?

The best website design agency Toronto practices should include letting you know how they measure improvement. Their advertising can state they can improve your business but what does that look like for you?

If they are only saying that they’ll put together a website for you, you’re not getting what you should out of the service. There should be a success measurement of things like reduced bounce rates, increased traffic and greater sales conversions. This should all be a part of the package you’re paying for. This is why we think it’s important to have a professional online marketing team in-house.

Do they Follow the Best Practices Used in the Industry?

The website design agency you choose should be using the common industry content management systems. This includes WordPress and Magento. These are open source and backed by thousands of users who create additional plugins based on latest technologies.

A web design agency that uses their own in-house content management system means you’re bound to them. There’s no reason you should be in this day and age. If you really like the agency, ask them what will happen to your site if you chose to end your business agreement down the road.

Are They Up to Date on the Latest Techology?

If you don’t hear a web design agency in Toronto talk about your sites mobile friendly version, find someone else. As many of your potential sales come from people using their mobiles, you will want to ensure the web designer can make your mobile site responsive and friendly. Your site should be responsive to all the various types of smartphones, tablets, and even the Smart TV.

Marketing technologies are also ever changing and you want a company that keeps up. The best web design companies in Toronto that have been around for a long time have proven their ability to keep up with the times. This is one sure way to know that a company has consistently helped businesses-their longevity.

How do They Manage a Project?

A good web designer in Toronto will provide structure into their plan and let you in on it. You should expect them to give you timelines on when things will be completed as well as demonstrate how they will meet your expectations. If you’re a business owner, every day of not having a website up costs you money.

Find out how many team members will be working on your website and whether any of the team is taking vacation time out. If there are team members that won’t be available, will there be another member to replace them? These questions will help you determine just how organized the agency is for your project. Lastly, see how they plan to communicate with you. Is there structure to it? If they seem a bit aloof, this is not a great sign.

Do They Really Get You?

Ideally, it would be great to find a website design company in Toronto that already knows your industry. If this isn’t possible, finding an agency that proves to be adaptable is good too. The reason a company really needs to understand you is because they’re creating the site that represents your voice.

You need to trust that the web designer can help you communicate who you are and what you stand for. If they ask the right questions and all the graphics they come up with make you say, ‘that’s exactly what I was trying to convey,’ you’ve found your match.

Are They Looking to Be a Long-Term Partner?

Every website comes with ongoing costs. Even if you’re just managing your own site with WordPress, you still have to pay for hosting and your domain name. The best website design agency Toronto offers will have a long-term partnership plan to work with you.

Their services include anything from continually adding content to a full-blown marketing campaign. They can monitor your site, help you set your own content up, or offer you maintenance contracts. Having a professional team back your business gives you peace of mind. As they designed the site, they can always fix problems that occur. This is beneficial compared to a web designer that does the work and is never heard from again.

Based on an eMarketer report, E-commerce generated 8.6% of retail spending in 2016. This equated to over $1 trillion. E-commerce grew by about 15% in 2016 which proves it’s growing quickly. If you want to be a part of online sales, your website is going to have to match up with your competition. You need to have a professional look that functions as a sales funnel in order to flourish.

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