Choosing a WooCommerce web design company

WooCommerce’s continues to be one of the most preferred ecommerce platforms.

The figures speak for themselves with WooCommerce being used in 3.4 million stores and powering 27% of the top ecommerce websites in the world! If you are thinking of getting onboard using WooCommerce for your new online store, then this article is for you. We’ll get you prepped for shortlisting the right WooCommerce web design and development company to work with.

First up, a little more information on this well-loved platform. WooCommerce is open source software, available free for anyone to use and actually the ecommerce software plugin for the WordPress content management system. The standard version of this ecommerce software comes with heaps of features that are perfect for basic online stores, but you can purchase extra official WooCommerce software plugins that will provide you even more features too.

The majority of website design companies in Toronto will offer WooCommerce design and development services. Keep in mind that although they profess to offering the same commodity, each one will have a different level of expertise. Plus, each one will probably have a different way of working. The trick will be to choose an experienced company within your budget range that you’ll feel comfortable working with.

What’s their experience?

As you start to sift through the many web design company websites, always checkout their ecommerce portfolios. This is where you’ll find examples of WooCommerce websites they’ve designed with links to the actual websites.

From the portfolios you view, you’ll get great insight into each individual company’s creativity and also level of proficiency in the ecommerce websites that they’ve built. Once you’ve selected a few companies you like, it’s time to get in touch.

How are their communication skills?

When you speak to each website design company, you’ll quickly be able to assess their communication skills. Remember that first impressions do count, as you will be liaising closely with that company throughout your website project.

It’s a great idea to compile a score sheet to complete, as you’ll soon forget who said what! For example, does the person you’re talking with ask questions to fully understand what you want from your new website, or do they bombard you with technobabble?

Enquire more about their expertise

Proof really is in the pudding, and if you’re investing in a WooCommerce web design you need to know that the company can deliver what it promises. You’ve already seen their portfolio, but dig a little deeper with questions like..

‘Will the standard version of WooCommerce be able to provide what I want, or will I need to purchase additional plugins?’
‘Can you give me an example of a website you created with that feature I need to have?’

What design choices do they offer?

Many people still don’t know there are several ways to have a WooCommerce website designed. You can choose for custom design, where the website is designed to your exact liking, or you can choose to use a pre-made design, or website theme, which can then be modified to your liking.

Does the WooCommerce web design company you’re talking to offer these choices? Can they provide you with examples of websites that they’ve created using the different choices?

What’s included in the cost?

Reputable WooCommerce web development companies will provide you with a detailed quote which should include a transparent breakdown of the various costs of undertaking your project. Read each quote carefully to see if anything you’ll need has been missed out. For example…

  • Any additional WooCommerce plugins
  • Cost of the Website Theme (if you’ve chosen that design route)
  • Website hosting
  • Technical support
  • SEO
  • Warranty

Debating the costs

You’ll find that different companies will provide different costs for your project. Of course you have a budget in mind, but don’t just let cost be the ultimate decider in which company you choose.

With WooCommerce website design you really do pay for what you get. The cheapest supplier may give you a website you don’t like and which doesn’t work properly for you. Keep in mind that you’ll then need to spend even more money to get it fixed!

How will they manage your project?

Another important factor to keep in mind is that your website project often won’t be the only one that the web design company is undertaking – there will most likely be multiple projects all at different stages. This is where you need to know the following, for example…

  • Realistic timescale for your website project
  • How your project will be managed
  • The different stages of your project
  • Who will you be liaising with and to what extent
  • What will be required of you?

What about your website hosting?

Your new WooCommerce website will need to be hosted on a fast and secure server. Nowadays it’s all about site speed; slow websites not only turn off customers but can have a negative impact on your SEO. Concerning the latter, the country where your website is hosted, if different to the one you are doing business in, can also impact on your SEO rankings.

With this knowledge in mind, what website hosting solutions do the web design companies offer, and what are the recurring costs? Can their hosting solutions accommodate you as continue to grow?

And finally, how will they support you?

Of course there may be a few teething problems when your new WooCommerce website launches. Does your website come with a warranty where technical work is carried out free of charge? What happens when a newer version of WooCommerce or a plugin is released, and how will it affect your website?

Most web design and development companies offer annual WooCommerce technical support packages that cover everything you need to keep your website running in tiptop shape. Investing in one will give you peace of mind, allowing you to concentrate on building your online business.

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