Improving your website: Part 2

In this follow-up article I’ll be looking at how your website content can have a negative impact on visitors. By website content, I mean the text, images, video clips etc. that are being shown on pages within your website.

When any of us browse a website we will expect to read relatively well written text, and to view good quality images etc. But, as most of know from our own experiences browsing the Internet, there are plenty of websites out there that fail abysmally. And, if you are like me, you’ll exit those offending websites and find somewhere else to browse. Even if those websites are on Page 1 of Google’s search results!

Getting the content right for your website is essential. It can make or break a visitors browsing experience, regardless if you have a great website design, and be the deciding factor whether they get in contact with you (or not!). Here are some tips on making sure that the content on your website is up to scratch…

Text on web pages should be relevant and informative. Try not to be over waffly too. Text should be written with your target audience in mind, and of course have no spelling mistakes. Don’t forget that you should also write text with Google in mind. Google will trawl through text on your website to pick out ‘keywords’. Keywords are one of the 200+ criteria that Google uses to score and rank websites in its algorithms. For more information on how to optimize your content for SEO read this article here.

If writing is not your strong point, then it’s probably best to ask the help of a copywriter. A good web design company will be able to assist you with this, or point you in the direction of someone who can.

Good quality images will enhance your website and make the browsing experience more enjoyable and engaging. Choose good quality images that clearly show details of the Products that you are selling. If you offer a Service rather than a physical product, then use images that help visitors identify what kind of Service that you offer.

Never be tempted to copy images from other people’s websites, as this can get you into trouble! If you don’t have quality images to hand, why not consider using a website such as Shutterstock. There you can purchase superb quality images for only a few dollars each.

You’ve invested time and money into your website, so don’t chance putting people off because of poor content.

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