Why businesses choose WordPress

Already powering a phenomenal number of websites across the globe, WordPress appears to be still steadily growing as the content management system of choice.

With an estimated 43% of all website owners having chosen WordPress as their website builder, it’s not a hard decision to choose it for you own business’s website. But why has it become so popular compared to other solutions on the market? Here are just 5 good reasons that should convince you.

1: Proof is in the Pudding!

As already mentioned, WordPress has already proven itself as one of the best content management systems. Prior to its quiet launch in 2003, the former WordPress was simple blogging software. Little did its developers know what a monster they would be creating when they decided to take things further and expand its features.

Over the years the software has grown and grown to accommodate the ever-increasing online demands of website owners. It’s now used by businesses large and small across the world, even Fortune 500 companies, but still remains the preferred platform choice for bloggers as well. If the software is good enough for millions of other businesses and people, it probably is for you too!

2: Easy to use

Not all website owners are techno whiz kids! Nowadays having a website that is easy to update by yourself is fully expected. WordPress has been created to make it easy for just normal, everyday people like me and you to take control of their websites. The content management system is mostly very straight forward and incredibly intuitive to use.

WordPress is also constantly being worked on by a community of developers across the globe, seeking even better ways to make things easy for us all. This software simply never stagnates; new releases happen every year at least, where WordPress website owners can benefit from software improvements as well as brand new features.

3: Expand when you want

There’s the standard version of WordPress available to everyone, which contains more than enough exciting features. But if that’s not enough, and you want your website to do even more, well then there’s the famous WordPress plugins.

Plugins are additional pieces of software that provide even more features and functionality for a website. And WordPress has a plethora of official plugins to choose from! Some plugins are available free of charge, whilst others have a license and annual subscription fee. WordPress plugins are also constantly being evaluated for improvements, so new plugin software releases abound.

4: Did someone mention Ecommerce?

Yes indeed, the world’s favourite content management system can be added to with a fabulous ecommerce plugin. You may have already heard of WooCommerce as an ecommerce platform, but basically, it’s an ecommerce plugin for WordPress.

We are not talking about a basic ecommerce plugin either. WooCommerce provides exceptional features for even more the choosiest of online store owners. And, if the standard software is not enough, then there’s always the thousands upon thousands of available official WooCommerce software plugins. WordPress makes ecommerce ‘oh, so simple’ with WooCommerce!

5: Design, design, design

Looking to create an amazing design for your WordPress website? Who needs to get a custom web design done, when there are thousands of pre-designs to choose from! Whatever business you are in, whatever style and layout you like, there’s bound to be a WordPress Theme for you to choose from.

Although the standard version of WordPress is available free of charge, WordPress Themes do come at a small cost, but nothing compared to having a website designed from scratch. WordPress Themes can also be customized and personalized to your exact taste, so what’s not to love about them!

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