Tips on how to boost your online sales this Holiday season

What happened to 2023 and can you believe Christmas is just six weeks away?

As all the stores get themselves into gear for one of their busiest times of the year, so too are the ecommerce retailers. Canadians simply love online shopping, spending a reported $3 billion a month in 2022, so this Holiday season is sure to see a continued spending madness.

So, what about your ecommerce store? What plans do you have to lure in those eager shoppers? It’s not too late to get things in motion with your online store this Holiday season, and we have some great tips that could help you get your fair share of those online sales. Remember that every little bit of effort counts, and that if you don’t make the effort your competitors most definitely will!

Deck Out Your Website:

You’ve got to set the scene to get those customers through your door, and your website’s home page is what customers will judge you on. So, get creative with perhaps Canadian winter wonderland-themed graphics, banners, and colors. What have you got to lose!

Christmas Advent Calendar:

How about having some kind of advent calendar on your website, where each day of December brings a surprise in the form of an offer or discount, for example. This is a great way of getting customers to come back to visit you, and of course spend more.

Christmas countdown clock:

It’s always busy in the runup to Christmas, with customers frantic to buy gifts and get them delivered on time. A countdown clock is a clever way to remind customers how much time they have left to shop and will create a sense of urgency that can drive impulse purchases.

Gift Ideas:

Why not compile a Holiday gift guide on your website to help customers choose the right present and promote your products? Customers love gift guides as they often offer up new ideas and assist in the shopping decision making. Make things even easier for visitors to your website by splitting your guide into categories such as ‘Gifts for Kids’, ‘Gifts for Her’ etc.

Product Bundles:

Shoppers love to save some money, so why not think about pairing up several associated products to create gift sets or product bundles. This is a great incentive to get customers to spend more money on your website.

Time limited products:

The Holiday season always brings out an urgency in shoppers to find the perfect gift. Having exclusive, limited-edition products that are only available for a set time on your website can intrigue customers and encourage them to make snap decisions about what to buy.

Gift Cards:

Gift cards provide customers with a convenient alternative when buying presents, especially when they’ve left it to the last minute. You could design your own gift cards with handwritten messages or even offer virtual gift cards that can be emailed to a recipient.

Holiday Contest:

A great way to interact and engage with your online visitors is by running a special Christmas contest where they can win a gift. Make the contest fun and easy to enter, for example uploading a festive picture or providing a caption to a photo.

Free or discounted shipping:

Many online retailers offer free, discounted, or expedited shipping if an order is over a certain amount, which is a great way of getting customers to spend more. Don’t forget to promote your shipping offer on your website’s home page to entice customers in!

Social Media Blitz:

So, you’ve created your festive looking website with plenty of great offers for customers, now it’s time to get them to visit you! Social media channels provide brilliant opportunities for you to showcase what you have to offer with direct links back to your website. Don’t forget to engage with any customer feedback too!

Parting thoughts…

Be creative with your ecommerce website this Holiday season to provide customers with an exciting, engaging, and enjoyable shopping experience. You won’t be disappointed by the efforts you put in. Don’t forget the Spring sales are just around the corner too, so keep the momentum going and keep customers keen!

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