8 Ecommerce strategies that could improve your Holiday sales

The holiday period is yet again zooming towards us, and this time of the year many ecommerce website owners are hoping to achieve bumper sales.

With online shopping stronger than it’s ever been, online stores are in the best position than they’ve been for years. So how can you pull out the stops and make sure that your online store gets its fair share of the market? Well, we’ve put together 8 super ideas to help you do just that!

Get that landing page festive!

Yes, it sounds obvious, but when a customer lands on your website ready to buy Christmas gifts, they’ll expect YOU too to be in the festive spirit. Make your home page festive to welcome in those Christmas shoppers, capture their attention and make them feel excited about what great gift ideas you have.

If you have any new products in especially for the holiday season, then this is the place to get them on display. Don’t forget to share information on any special deals and promotions that you are running too. Your home page should have the ability to ‘hook and reel-in’ those customers!

Make it easy to shop

Like trapsing around shopping malls, it can also be very tiring doing holiday shopping online! That’s why you need to make it easy for your customers to shop. Providing unique gift ideas, the most popular and best-selling products, and using filters where customers can browse by gender, age, product type and price, are all great ideas to make a more joyful browsing experience.

Pre-Christmas Discount Code

What’s not to love about any voucher or discount code that gives money off! This tactic is used by quite a lot of online stores to tempt in shoppers early and get them to part with their money. Advertising a discount code, such as Christmas22, on your home page is a sure way to get customers through your door. The code can be applied at checkout, leaving the customer happy and feeling like they’ve bagged a bargain.

January can bring a lull in online sales, so why not also consider providing loyal customers with a New Year discount code too. This can be emailed directly to them, along with all the latest news, products and promotions you have in 2023.

Gift Wrapping

Us online shoppers do love to be wooed, and what better than someone offering to gift wrap our purchases for us! You could offer this service for a small fee, or even provide it free of charge with orders over a certain amount. Small and thoughtful touches make the online shopping experience much more enjoyable, and can result in even more loyal customers who will spread the word.

Free Delivery

Again, used by many online merchants, this is a real gem of a tactic to draw in price conscious customers. Orders over a certain amount on your website can automatically be exempt of delivery charges, so customers feel like they have had a good deal.

Social Media Boost

If you haven’t explored social media marketing yet, then you really are missing out big time! Social media offers ecommerce website owners brilliant communication channels to promote their products and events. So it’s time to go all guns blazing with festive news, offers and promotions, that drive customers on to your website to shop this holiday season.

Gift bundles

People love bargains, so do you have any items on your store that you could put together as bundle deal and charge a lower price than buying the items separately? Many ecommerce platforms already provide this facility, as customers simply love it. What’s not to love about paying less for several items that compliment each other?

Gift cards

Sometimes its just too difficult to choose gifts for someone else – that’s where ecommerce gift cards come in! Offering gift cards on your online store website is not just another great way of boosting sales, it can also bring new customers that continue to shop with you even after they redeem them. Again, many ecommerce platforms already have this feature built in, but it’s easy to upgrade your own ecommerce store software with the feature as well.

Happy selling!

This holiday season will be even more lucrative for ecommerce website owners, so make sure that your website caters for those online shoppers. Hopefully using some of the above ecommerce tips will help raise your revenue stream and make YOUR own Christmas festive and bright!

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