Can small Ecommerce businesses compete with the Big Guys?

Our modern world is controlled by giants.

Microsoft owns most of the desktop computer market; Facebook and Twitter control a great deal of our social media, and Amazon has a firm grasp on an overwhelming majority of online eCommerce.

However, just because Walmart offers tons of products at low prices, doesn’t mean that a small nick-knack shop owned by a family of three can’t get any business. If you work in Toronto e-commerce, the good news is that, despite Amazon’s incredible popularity in Canada, there are still steps you can take to succeed.

Here’s how…

Stand Out

In the vast sea of e-commerce, you need to be noticeable. Now that over half of Americans start their product searches directly on Amazon, it takes a lot of effort as a relatively small seller to stand out. Some strategies to do so include:

  • Make your website interesting. Employ a unique aesthetic and layout for your front page. Don’t copy the other guys lest you blend in with the woodwork.
  • Write up great product descriptions and have beautiful images for what you’re selling.
  • Hold interesting sale events with eye-catching discounts.

For example, Love Your Melon is an online retailer that sells hats. But why do people buy from them rather than Amazon? Because they donate a portion of their proceeds to children with cancer. Standing out in ways like this draws some of the crowd away from the giants to you.

As an e-commerce company in Toronto, think of the activity in the city and see if you can latch onto a particular group. A local consumer base is easier to catch than a nationwide one.

Learn About Your Customers

Data collection is becoming a staple of modern marketing. Most companies, Amazon included, collect information on each customer’s search queries, buying habits, and general interests to develop targeted advertising.

And it works. Studies show that organizations who analyze consumer behavior through data collection outperform their competitors by 85% in terms of sales. Learn about your target demographic to crank up your own sales figures.

E-commerce in Toronto is unique in and of itself. People who live in large cities like Toronto tend to have higher incomes and busy lives. Consider traits like these when you advertise.

Incentivize the First Purchase

Trust is the biggest factor of why consumers tend to buy from the same brand or store over and over. Amazon, in fact, ranks among the highest in consumer trust. In order to gain trust and push through that first sale, consider:

  • Offering free shipping. According to a UPS survey, almost half of consumers add items to their carts in order to qualify for free shipping.
  • Have generous return policies. Let consumers have peace of mind that if something goes wrong, they can always pull out anytime.

Keep Your Customers Loyal

Now that you have a consumer base on the line, you have to keep their trust and ensure they keep coming back. The most important aspect of buyer loyalty is customer service.

GetApp Lab recently launched a research report indicating that a heavy majority of consumers would much rather talk to another human for support than a chatbot. AI might be taking our jobs in the future, but it seems service isn’t one of them yet.

Also, the shipping experience must be excellent. Ensure your products are packaged well before shipping and try to speed up the time between making the order and receiving the product.

One more thing: incentivize customers to create an account. Being able to send newsletters and exclusive deals to returning buyers goes a long way.

Offer a Subscription Service

To tie into consumer loyalty, buyers will certainly come back once they’ve invested something in your company. Amazon itself owns Amazon Prime, a deal which offers free and fast shipping alongside media streaming for a small yearly fee.

This way, a new customer won’t have a mere one-time experience. He or she has a relationship with your site and will most likely contribute more every month.

Be King of the Niche

No one will dispute that Amazon’s got a firm grip on general audiences in terms of online selling. You most likely can’t compete with Amazon selling basic chairs and flashlights, but you can certainly head for a more niche market.

Even if your products can’t compete price-wise, you can gear your merchandise towards your target demographic much better than a general store can sometimes.

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