COVID 19 working practices update

The COVID 19 pandemic has majorly shook up the ways in which many businesses deliver services to customers.

The web design industry being no exception. Here is a look at how COVID 19 has affected the day-to-day operations at Globalgraphics Web Design. It will help both new and existing customers understand that with us business really is ‘as usual’. Even though our conventional working ways have had to be put to one side.

From face-to-face to virtual

Prior to COVID 19, it was commonplace for our team members to meet with clients at our offices on Yonge and Bloor, or at their workplaces in Toronto or across the GTA. Though we were noticing over the years that more and more clients were choosing the convenience of having an online meeting with us.

Then, with the arrival of COVID 19, our face-to-face meetings came to a screeching halt. Luckily enough, the impact was not huge, as we were already well versed in providing virtual meeting services. All our team had already been set up to work virtually as well, thanks to our well-established working from home policy! So, for us the very much forced virtual working world kicked in with us experiencing very few problems.

Technologically enabled

If someone said a few years back that we would all be working from home, you would think they were mad. But here we are just over a year after COVID appeared and there are a vast range of technologies out there which can help businesses work ‘virtually’. Of course, you will already have experienced some of the more popular technologies working from your own home, such as Zoom.

Keeping up communications

When you call us at our Hudson Bay office location, you will speak to one of lovely reception staff as normal. Whether you are a new customer looking for some information on our services, or an existing customer looking to speak to us about your project or website, your call will be put through to the relevant team member.

New Customers

Unlike many other web design companies, we are always more than happy to discuss web design projects with new customers. However simple of complex your project is, you are guaranteed to talk to someone who is an expert in the industry.

Depending on how detailed your project is, you may be offered an online Zoom meeting. During this meeting you will meet one of our highly experienced project managers, who will make a note of all your requirements and be able to advise you on the best solution for your website.

We mostly provide very detailed quote documents to new customers, which they can then read and digested before making any decisions. We are here of course, should you want to speak further to the project manager you met.

Ready to sign up?

When a customer wants to go ahead with our services, there really is no need to meet up in person. All communications can be down via Zoom meetings, through telephone calls or by email. We will also invite you and any other team members to join our project management and collaboration system called Basecamp.

Using Basecamp, you will be able to communicate directly with each of our team members, upload any content and documents for your new website, and view your new website as we design and build it! Basecamp is extremely easy to use and will help guide you through your project every step of the way.

Existing Customers

Existing customers choose to communicate us via email, telephone or through Basecamp. They know that if they do need to talk to us, or need an online meeting, we are still here. For those customers with ‘live’ websites that have technical queries, we offer a support desk facility. Customers complete an online form and are issued a ‘ticket number’. Our friendly technical support team will then get in touch to rectify the issue as soon as possible.

Team Communications

We have already set up robust communication systems between our remotely working team members. They are all directly contactable via phone through our Toronto location, or you can call and speak to them directly.

Internally we all communicate using Skype, Zoom and email. Many of the systems that we use for our day-to-day work activities e.g., Basecamp, Sage Accounting etc. are all cloud based. That means that a team member can access these systems from wherever they are!

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