Full steam ahead for E-commerce in Canada

The need for E-commerce web design in Canada is on the up as more Canadians are turning to shopping on-line than ever before.

In fact, according to a little piece of marketing literature I received late last year from Bing (the Search Engine if you didn’t know), Canadians spent $2.8 billion shopping on-line just for the month of December in 2013.

Now that’s a whole lot of on-line spending!

Like their UK cousins across the pond, Canadians are becoming quite addicted to on-line shopping. It’s yet to reach the epidemic proportion that it has become in the UK, but it’s heading that way real fast! In the UK, retail stores on the High Street have been hit incredibly hard by on-line shopping. The majority (if not all ) of the well known stores now all have e-commerce websites vying for on-line customers. Competition is fierce, with many offering heavy discounts, free delivery and on-line shopping loyalty schemes.

This is the face of what’s to come in Canada, without a single doubt. Over the last few years our web design company has seen a rapid increase in businesses wanting e-commerce web design to assist in boosting their sales. Recently we even designed one for a well known Italian cafe bar downtown, so that their customers could conveniently choose and purchase their sandwiches for lunchtime pick-up. This of course saving customers precious time, by not having to line up, order and wait.

E-commerce makes sense too. If you are a business that does not need to have a physical retail outlet, you also don’t have all the overheads that go with it, such as rent, lighting, heating, insurance etc. This means of course, that you are in a better position to pass on those savings to customers through lower prices. And customers will come to your on-line store and shop. ‘Webrooming’, the art of browsing websites to find the best priced products, will see to that.

Why not check out some of the new E-commerce web design examples we have designed in our Portfolio. You may just get some great ideas for your new on-line store.

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