An introduction to Google Remarketing

Have you ever run a pay-per-click (PPC) ad before? You may have dabbled with Facebook or Google Ads before, seeing negligible returns. And this no doubt gave you doubts about whether PPC is all it’s cracked up to be. However, you’d be doing your business a huge disservice if you don’t try PPC again.

You see, your competitors are already using it, and they’re generating substantial returns from it. And if you want to compete and generate more sales, you’ll need to learn how to do it right too.

So, what are they doing differently? And why do they see more success from their PPC campaigns?

The secret is Google remarketing.

What is Google Remarketing?

Google remarketing is a system where Google will display your advertisements to the users who it believes will be interested in your products and services based on website browsing history, behavior, and other details.

Installation is as simple as adding the Google pixel code to your website, which tags visitors for later remarketing through their browser cookies.

You can keep your remarketing code as simple as you’d like or dive into more advanced categories and filter options to reach your target audience even more accurately.

You’ve probably heard about how PPC is the solution to all your problems many times now, but Google remarketing genuinely is an effective tool to boost your conversion rates. Google manages to reach 92% of all web users out there, providing your business with a targeted audience that’s more likely to convert.

The Re-Marketing Options Available To You with Google Ads

You have several ways to advertise to more interested clients with Google remarketing. These include:

  • Standard remarketing. Show ads to past visitors as they go through different sites on Google’s Display Network.
  • Dynamic remarketing. Dynamic ads add on products or services that people viewed on your website already.
  • Remarketing lists for web searches. Show ads whenever users make follow-up Google searches after leaving your website.
  • Video remarketing. Target ads toward users who’ve seen your company’s YouTube channel.
  • Customer list remarketing. Your customers may provide you with contact information for friends or acquaintances. You can market to those people as well once they sign into Google.

Google remarketing offers simplified and complex offerings to businesses. The choice is really up to you when it comes to how deep you want to dive into all the possibilities remarketing offers.

What Are the Benefits of Google Remarketing?

So, what makes Google remarketing more effective than any other PPC advertising option on the market? Here’s a brief breakdown of the key benefits that we think make Google remarketing worthwhile:

Remarket to Previous Visitors
Once a potential customer has already visited your site, use remarketing to target them again as they browse other websites. Show ads to individuals based on a tracking code to keep your brand in the minds of consumers, especially if they’re searching for products or services offered by competitors. A well-timed remarketing advertisement could make the difference in persuading them to do business with you instead.

Remarket to Visitors on Any Device
Google Ads are compatible with all devices, whether desktop or mobile. Appealing to as many types of users as possible gives you an incredible degree of flexibility. Target users on the devices they’re using the most to gain conversions.

Flexible Pricing
Companies have the option to either broaden the appeal of their marketing campaigns or focus on specialized niches. With either option, your final price for adopting Google remarketing depends on how specific you want to be with your audience.

For example, you can place bids on the types of keywords to use. Google lets you place manual bids or automate the process. You will notice that your ads become more efficient over time as you narrow down your target audience.

Unlike traditional print advertisements where you invest in several ads upfront and hope for the best, you have more control over how and when you’re paying for remarketing. Track the results of your efforts using detailed analytics and determine what’s working best for you.

Modify and Create Ads Easily

Google makes it incredibly easy to make new advertisements in the gallery. Create simple text, image, and video ads for display across the network. Quickly tweak copy text and add different headlines. Play around with your message to get your ads in front of your target audience.

Unavailable to traditional ads, this added flexibility lets you perfect your ad campaign in a continuous fashion rather than adjust and implement changes when a campaign is finished.

Leverage Timely Promotions

Because remarketing allows you to target certain variables and conditions, you can identify whenever a customer has interacted with your brand multiple times. Take advantage of this information to send those recurring visitors timely promotions, discounts, and other enticing offers.

Offers might cut into your profits. However, if you manage to identify a worthwhile customer who’s on the fence of a large purchase, then a discount may be the small nudge they need to go through with the transaction. The insights you gain from remarketing results in pinpoint accuracy when it comes to identifying reliable candidates.

Start Taking Advantage of Remarketing Today!

PPC advertising is an essential component of digital marketing. You shouldn’t avoid it even if you’ve had a subpar experience before or you’re unfamiliar with it. The most successful companies are already taking advantage of PPC to increase sales, conversion rates, and other important KPIs.

We’re not suggesting that PPC advertising is easy—because it isn’t. But we can’t stress enough how it can improve your sales significantly and help you generate high-quality traffic that’s interested in your products and services.

Are you unfamiliar with PPC advertising? Get in touch with the Globalgraphics team if you want to implement a successful PPC campaign for your business. We are Google Ads experts who can help you get the most out of Google remarketing.

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