Big, bold graphics are becoming the big trend in web design.

Over the last two or three years we have seen a real move towards making web design more sleek and easy on the eye.

The emphasis has been on having less clutter on a website, which of course makes the browsing experience much more easy and comfortable.

We have also seen a shift in customers requesting more graphical websites. Big, bold, full screen images that immediately catch your eye, and more importantly inform you of what a website can offer you. It’s a highly effective technique that works well for most businesses. The trick is to get the right kind of images that fit in with your business identity. Those full screen images of course also need to be top quality and have high pixilation. Not a problem when you have access to superb affordable stock images in image library websites such as

Many of these graphical websites also make use of animation and video, which again are very clever ways of appealing to, and engaging visitors. Both animation and video can often impart key information far more effectively than several paragraphs of the best written textual content. Unfortunately, video production and the creation of animation can bump up the cost of your web design project.

It’s no wonder that website design is moving in this graphical direction of course. With 60%, probably higher, of people using their mobile devices to access websites, bold graphics and video are easier to digest on smaller screens than reams of text.

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