• EASY ECOMMERCE WooCommerce provides the easiest ecommerce solution
  • WOO THEMES Choose from a superb range of on-line store layouts
  • CUSTOM DESIGN Or let us custom design your store to be completely unique
  • STORE FEATURES Choose the features you need to make your store fabulous
  • SEO FRIENDLY Keep your on-line store search engine optimized

WooCommerce Developer & Website Design

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WooCommerce makes e-commerce easy for businesses!

Let Globalgraphics create your new on-line store using the world favourite WooCommerce ecommerce solution. WooCommerce is feature rich, incredibly easy to use and very affordable. That's why it has fast become the Number 1 choice for start-up companies looking to establish themselves with a great looking on-line store in the ecommerce marketplace.

With over 20 years experience in designing and building ecommerce websites, Globalgraphics Web Design in Toronto is the ecommerce expert you can truly rely on! Rest assured that your new WooCommerce website will be designed, built and developed to your exact specifications.

See how can WooCommerce help your e-commerce website succeed...


When you choose our Web Design Company to create your new WooCommerce on-line store you can expect...

  • E-commerce made easy! WooCommerce will provide you with everything you need to help make your on-line store a success
  • Website Themes We can assist you choose the best Website Design Theme that perfectly suits your business and showcases your products
  • or Custom Design We can create a completely unique, custom design for your new WooCommerce store
  • Store Features you want We'll build your ecommerce website with all the back-end and customer features you need
  • Training & Support We'll train you on how to manage your on-line store and be there to support you if you need any help

WooCommerce and WordPress

The WooCommerce  ecommerce solution works hand in hand with Wordpress. Since its launch in September 2011, the WooCommerce plugin has been downloaded over 1.6 million times.  It's not surprising as it provides businesses with an affordable, feature rich and extremely user-friendly on-line store. WooCommerce has fast become the perfect ecommerce solution for 'ecommerce start up's' and companies looking to expand into selling on-line.

Custom Design or Website Theme?

We offer two solutions for the design of your WooCommerce Store depending on your budget, time line and project specifications. With our Custom Web Design service we'll design your on-line store around you, so the look, feel and layout is completely unique. Or we'll assist you choose a pre-existing Website Theme that fits in beautifully with your on-line store design requirements. Whichever design process you choose your new ecommerce website will look awesome!

Features and Plugins Galore

WooCommerce provides you with an incredibly range of back-end store management functionality and customer features. You can view and download a list of these by clicking here. In addition to this there are also hundreds of WooCommerce extensions which can be easily added to your platform to further expand functionality and features at very little cost! Whatever you have in mind for your new ecommerce website WooCommerce can offer you the solution you need.

Design & Development Flexibility

Woocommerce is one of the most flexible ecommerce platforms on the market today. The WooCommerce platform allows for very large scope in design layout and format. And, as mentioned above, it can be added to with a huge range of plugins to enhance back-end functionality and features. Our team of WooCommerce Developers in our Toronto office have the expertise to create your new ecommerce website so that it perfectly meets your exact specifications.

SEO & On-line Marketing

Making sure that your new ecommerce website gets seen and visited by customers will be key to your success! WordPress and WooCommerce provide you with Search Engine friendly platforms that make it easy for you to keep your website content optimized. In addition Globalgraphics Web Design also offers you a superb range of high performance on-line marketing services that will get your new on-line store into the spotlight! 


Find out more about how WooCommerce can help you achieve your on-line goals and objectives.

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