Secrets how to get your branding just right

You’ve had a great idea for a business, have set the wheels in motion, and will soon be ready to hit the market… but there’s one thing standing in your way—you don’t have a logo or any branding for it.

While creating a logo sounds like a relatively simple task—after all, it’s just a few lines and a bit of color, right?—this simply is not the case. As the very first thing a potential customer or client will see, your logo and branding must be done right, and it is not something to be taken lightly.

A recognizable logo that immediately impresses a potential client or customer that can easily be associated with your brand will be your company’s most valued asset.

Additionally, as a small business, you will be competing against several bigger and established brands within your industry. These competitor brands have a bigger following, a bottomless marketing budget, and devoted customers.

Making the best possible first impression through your company’s branding is, therefore, key.

Logo Design is Easy to Get Wrong

Unless you are a designer by trade, you should not attempt to make your own logo.

Since this applies to most new business owners, logo design is almost always something that is outsourced. Unfortunately, this is where things can go wrong.

There are literally millions of students, freelancers, and agencies offering their graphic design services online. More often than not, company owners who have limited budgets are drawn in by lots of promises at what appears to be a bargain price.

To avoid being stung by a badly designed logo, we recommend turning to a specialist logo designer in Toronto to handle the production of your logo and other branding on your behalf.

Branding is About More than Just Logos…

A swish looking logo is all well and good, but branding involves a whole lot more than this alone. Branding (rather, your brand) is the collection of visual and engaging elements that help customers or clients perceive and identify you.

Successful branding is recognizable and consistent across all areas, including:

  • Your logo
  • Website design
  • Print, signage, and packaging
  • Digital marketing…and
  • Sales and customer services teams.

Although brand building isn’t something that happens overnight at the push of a button, by working with a branding company in Toronto you set yourself up for success.

Tips for Building Excellent Company Branding

Having a logo designed is one thing; branding your company is another. Not sure where to get started with it? Use these tips for inspiration!

1. Know your target audience

The basic foundation for building any brand is to know who your target audience is, what they like, and what they want. After all, your product or service isn’t going to be ideal for everyone and you cannot build good branding if you try to target everyone.

You should keep in mind who exactly it is that you are trying to reach with your company and its offering(s). When you do this, you can tailor your company, branding, and message to these people and their needs. The key here is to be specific and drill down as far as possible with your research to get a solid answer to the “Who?” question.

Positively identifying your target audience is an act that will set your entire brand building process in good stead.

2. Also, know who you are up against

While you should not imitate your competitors, you still need to know who they are and how they stack up against you. Know where they are, what they do, where they succeed, and where they fail or fall short. The goal by doing this is to differentiate your company from all other players within your industry and convince customers to choose you over them.

Always be thinking about how you can make your brand stand out. Research your primary competitors and study how they went about their branding and building a name for themselves.

To make this process easier, look at key areas such as visuals, their mission and message, quality of products and services, customer reviews, and marketing. Track your findings in a journal or spreadsheet.

3. Begin experimenting with visuals

The most exciting part of branding is having your company’s logo and other visuals made.

Having a logo and suitable branding made isn’t simply a case of paying a designer $X and walking away with the perfect end-product the first time around—it is a long and methodical process, and this is why we recommend using an established logo design company in Toronto to handle the job for you.

When you hire a professional designer or creative agency you don’t just get a logo, though, you get the full package—logo design, branding, brand guidelines… you name it.

On the visuals front, you need to be willing to invest time and money to create something truly exceptional that will positively reinforce your business.

4. Create and stick to a brand voice

Your voice depends on what it is you do, who your target audience is, and what industry you operate in. It is this voice that you use to communicate with customers and clients and, largely, it dictates how they will respond.

Professional, friendly, authoritative, technical, and conversational are just a few of many adjectives that can be used to establish your brand’s voice. When push comes to shove, you should choose something that simply makes sense and works well with your target audience. Don’t try to be too quirky, funny, or go against the grain… this often backfires.

Don’t Go It Alone When Building a Brand

Instead, utilize the services of others. Friends, family, logo designers, and professional writers are just a few of many examples of where you can get help with brand building. If you can, involve your target audience and try to gauge their opinion through reviews, feedback, and surveys to ensure that you are going in the right direction, not just that you think you are.

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