How about these website features?

There are some really great features that you can now opt for to make your website more engaging for customers.

Here are just a few to think about…

A Blog is a fun way to keep your website updated with news, opinions, information, events etc. Keeping your website updated with fresh content also maintains the interest of returning visitors. Maintaining a Blog feature on your website is a lot easier than you think – all you need to think about is what to write about!

Movie Banner
Movie banners are those large moving graphics that you often see on the Home Pages of websites. Using these on a website is a really super way of capturing the attention of visitors. They are ideal for quickly letting visitors know what products and services you offer, special offers that you have…and much, much more!

E-mail newsletter
If someone likes your website they will probably be more than happy to hear about any future news, offers, events etc. That’s where an e-mail newsletter feature steps in. This website feature allows a visitor to type in their email address in order to subscribe to future e-mail newsletters you send out. It’s a very simple feature to have on your website, but also an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

Video is another very effective way to connect with visitors and quickly tell them about who you are and what you specialize in. You’ll often see video clips on website Home Pages. Many businesses also have Video Galleries on their website to further enhance the browsing experience for visitors.

Interactive Map
If customers want to visit you why not help them out by displaying an interactive map on your website. Using this feature a customer can navigate within the map to see how easy it is to get to you by car or transit.

On-line Search
If your website contains lots of information, why not help visitors find what they want by having an on-line search feature? This feature allows a visitor to type in some keywords and then displays all relevant information.

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