Improving your website: Part 1

This blog entry carries on from the Blog titled ‘Will getting onto Page 1 of Google solve your problems?’ 

In this blog I’m going to be talking about the overall look and feel of web design, and how that can impact on customers. By ‘feel’, I mean that we instinctively know if a website is pitched right for us. It’s a gut instinct which I’m sure you have all felt. If a website doesn’t feel right you’ll leave. A successful website will have been designed and built to appeal to its target audience. It should immediately engage the interest of visitors and encourage them to browse.

Occasionally at Globalgraphics Web Design we will get a customer that really pushes for website design elements (colour scheme, layout etc) that unfortunately do not compliment the type of goods/services that they are promoting. As a web design company we can only suggest best ways to approach design, layout, colours etc with clients. The final decision on how a website will look will be of course completely their choice!

A really great way of finding ideas for your own website is to undertake a critique of your competitors’ websites. For each website that you visit make a list of elements that you think work for customers, and most importantly, elements that do not work. From this exercise you should be able to gather some invaluable information that will help you with design ideas for your own website.

As you consolidate the design ideas for your website make sketches of how you think your website should be laid out. Check out the picture above to see what I mean by this. Start with the Home Page and then move on from there to the other pages of your website. Through this process you’ll be surprised how much your ideas will change and evolve. Before you know it you’ll have the master plans for the perfect web site.

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