UHN Toronto E-learning portal
Simple navigation directs users to three main areas on website.

UHN Division of Nephrology

The University Health Network is made up 4 major hospitals and other healthcare centres in Toronto. Toronto

For UHN's Division of Nephrology we designed and built an e-learning website portal to assist in the training of medical students. The website has a clean, fresh layout and easy to use navigation.

Students securely log into the portal with their username and password. Once in, students can download documents and view video tutorials on a range of subjects. They can then take on-line multiple choice exams relating to those subjects. Exam results are instantly calculated, and for those questions incorrectly answered students are re-shown clips of the video relating to those questions.

This website is managed and maintained by UHN staff, and is a excellent education tool that works in conjunction with hands on medical training.

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Key features of this e-learning web design include...

  • Secure student login area
  • On-line video streaming
  • On-line multiple choice examinations
  • Automatic exam scoring and video clip replay
  • Full content management system that allows medical staff to upload documents, video clips, create multiple choice exams, view student exam results and more!