Screenshot of the Technolink website design


Technolink is a business consultancy dedicated to helping businesses succeed and grow.

For this super looking website design we used white as the predominant colour, then the two colours from Technolink’s logo in the navigation and call to action buttons. The great choice of images also help in making this website stand out from competitors.

Business consultancy web design

Just how do you create the right look and feel for a business consultancy website? Well top of the list is making sure that the design you choose is pitched to appeal as much as possible to the target audience you serve. Don’t let your own personal design tastes dictate a design that may turn our wrong!

The website design used should also portray a high level of professionalism and credibility. Your website visitors should be made to feel confident about the services you specialize in. At the same time the website should also maintain a friendliness in order to encourage enquiries.

The Technolink website often inspires many of our business ‘consultant’ customers who then seek to emulate something similar in design for their own websites.

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