Scooter accessories galore on the Read Speed home page.

Readspeed Scooters

Readspead Scooters are the Scooter specialists, from brand new vehicles, to parts and accessories.

This e-commerce website design is a perfect example of how on-line stores are moving away from busy layouts, and instead providing customers with a more comfortable, spaced out browsing experience.

Key features of this on-line store include…

  • Uncomplicated design layout which allows easy browsing
  • Full content management system to keep content updated
  • Linked to third party payment gateway
  • Facility to import/export data to external stock control system

Choosing the right e-commerce web design

On-line stores take on all kinds of looks. The difficult part is getting the design just right in order to attract the customers you want. The trick here is to pinpoint exactly who those customers are!

In the case of Read Speed, a design was needed that appealed to quite a broad age bracket, and to both male and females. Keeping to a pale backdrop, and uncluttered layout is universally appealing.

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