The Ebay style layout of the Platinum Liquidation website design.

Platinum Liquidations

Platinum Liquidations is Toronto’s premier Live Auction website.

This exciting Ebay style auction website sells a huge range of products and allows customers to place bids against individual items, or simply ‘Buy Now’. They sell products from a variety of sources including ceased goods taken by the Toronto Police.

The Platinum Liquidations website, like an increasing number of e-commerce websites, has been completely designed with the end user in mind. Use of whitespace and simple design layout are employed to relax the visitor and put them in control. This hopefully will make the visitor stay longer and spend their money!

From its launch, the Platinum Liquidations website has been a huge success. One such memorable event was when the website launched the auction sale of decommissioned street signs from Toronto City Council. There were over 1 million hits in 1 day!

Key features of this e-commerce website design include…

  • Full content management system
  • Ebay style auction with live bidding auction
  • Secure payment card processing

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