Inside the L'Espressor Bar Mercurio restaurant

L'Espresso Bar Mecurio

The L’Espresso Bar Mercurio is a classic Italian coffee house and restaurant in Toronto.

This fresh and graceful and looking restaurant website design tempts you in to discover more using its fabulous food images.

A great feature of this website is the e-commerce functionality that allows customers to order and pay on-line in advance for sandwiches, salads and other food items. Once ordered, customers simply bring their order number to the restaurant and collect their food. Great for those people in a rush!

Creating atmosphere with web design

Your website can be an extension of the actual physical business premises you use. It can mirror the look and feel that you have created at your premises and tempt visitors with what to expect when they visit you. This is very important for businesses such as bars and restaurants, because often the case customers will check out websites before they visit or make a reservation.

With the L’Espresso Bar website the white backdrop provides an airy, luxurious, sophisticated feel. This coupled with great images perfectly mirrors the experience you can expect to have when you visit the restaurant.

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