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Jingang Canada

Mississauga based Jingang Canada specializes in creating bespoke automobile components for pre-manufacture.

This website design makes use of a very simple colour scheme and design layout which is highly effective in focusing attention on the services the company offers.

Web design for the manufacturing industry

Over the last 10 years we have seen a huge demand for web design from manufacturing companies of all sizes. Long gone are the days of them requesting budget web design just to get a foothold on the web. The majority of these companies are more than willing for us to create something special for them that makes them stand out from the crowd!

A successful manufacturing company’s web design will be aimed at their target audience. It will have a corporate, professional feel that portrays an image of competence and experience. Images used will be professionally shot, or top quality taken from library stock. Text content will be written to be succinct,  informative and relevant for the target audience.

Traditional marketing methods for manufacturing companies have become less effective over the years. The leading marketing tool is the web and  to promote your business through your website whilst making full use of  other digital marketing tools.

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