Minimalist style Investgo website design

Investgo Equity Group

The Investgo Group is a property investment and development company.

This website is another example of how client’s are opting for more simpler design layouts. The main benefit having such a design layout is it makes it easy for visitors to view and quickly access relevant information.

The website content management system also allows our client to keep text content updated in both English and Arabic. For this client we also designed the new company logo, which we think looks great, and which they were delighted with.

Property development web design

Choosing the right style and layout for your property management and development company or real estate agent web site design will be something you need to put a lot of thought into. What would be the very best way to showcase both you as a company, and the properties you manage or are marketing?

Many companies in the property sector choose very simple website design layouts. They realize that their clients are busy and will therefore want to provide them with easy, intuitive browsing experiences. Remember, many of those clients will also be viewing websites using their smart phone or tablet devices.

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