DynaPro Equipment Website Design

Dynapro Equipment

Dynapro is the slurry and process pump specialist and operates in Canada, the USA and Mexico.

This great looking, extensive Magento ecommerce website design utilizes a white backdrop which better assists in the showcasing of products.

Dynapro has the facility to specify whether an individual product price is shown or whether the a ‘quote request’ is required. They also have the facility to manage all website text in either Spanish or English.

Choosing Magento or WooCommerce for your e-commerce website?

Both e-commerce platforms offer a superb range of customer features and back-end functionality that help you effectively manage your on-line store. You can find out more about Magento and WooCommerce,and the differences between each platform in the e-commerce section of our website.

If you still aren’t sure which e-commerce solution would best suit your on-line needs, then why not take some time to chat to our e-commerce experts here at Globalgraphics Web Design? We have over 17 years experience in creating on-line stores and will be able to advise you on the best e-commerce platform for your own business.

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