• E-COMMERCE FAVOURITE Magento is the leading ecommerce platform for businesses
  • EASY TO USE Magento makes it easy for you to manage your on-line store
  • YOUR DESIGN We can customize your Magento store to your exact requirements
  • YOUR FUNCTIONALITY We can build your Magento store with all the functionality you need
  • SEO CONTROL Take control and optimize your Magento store quickly and easily

Magento E-commerce Website Design Toronto

Globalgraphics offers you the best e-commerce solutions for your business! 

Choosing the right platform for your e-commerce website will be key to your on-line success. As the most experienced e-commerce website developer in Toronto, Globalgraphics Web Design recommends the market leading Magento e-commerce platform for your on-line store.

Managing your new on-line store needs to be simple and straightforward. Magento offers you just that, by making it easy for you to take complete control of your on-line store - from managing products, to tracking orders, maintaining stock control and much, much more! 

Magento e-commerce software provides a vast range of exciting in-built features and functions that are sure to make your on-line business a success.  Globalgraphics can also customize your on-line store with the vast range of Magento extensions that are available. We'll make sure that your new e-commerce website perfectly fulfills your business requirements.


Here's what you can expect when Globalgraphics Web Design develops your new Magento e-commerce website...

  • Number 1 E-commerce Solution Market leader Magento will provide you with a robust and flexible on-line store
  • Custom Design We can customize the look and feel of your on-line store's design
  • Exact Functionality We can build your Magento store with the exact functionality you require
  • Easy Store Management You'll find your new on-line store simple and straightforward to manage
  • Expand as your business grows We can expand your on-line store with more functionality as and when required
  • A Safe Home We'll make sure your Magento on-line store functions perfectly 24 hrs a day!

Magento Custom Web Design

Achieving the right look and feel for your e-commerce website will be essential to attract in customers and make them shop! Let Globalgraphics Web Design custom design your new Magento Store with your own unique branding and style.

Our experienced team of e-commerce website designers have the creative skills to make your new Magneto store look both visually stunning and engaging for visitors, helping minimize visitor bounce rates during the shopping experience.

Magento Development

How your Magento e-commerce store is built will affect its performance, speed and of course success! With our experienced team of Magento developers, we can optimize your Magento store to maximize its performance and functionality.

Globalgraphics Web Design can even tailor make your new Magento e-commerce website to match your exact on-line requirements. Magento offers a superb range of  'add ons' and 'extensions' that we can plug into your website to enhance both functionality and performance.

Is Magento good for SEO?

Magento is of the one best search engine friendly e-commerce solutions / platforms on the market today. With its powerful inbuilt tools it will allow you to optimize your Magento store quickly and easily. From Server URL rewrites to Meta Data to Alt tags, Magento has all the current major techniques inbuilt and ready to go.

Magento Secure Hosting & Support

Globalgraphics Web Design can provide you with a complete secure website hosting solution for your new Magento store. Both our Virtual Dedicated Server or Dedicated Server hosting solutions make sure that your e-commerce website is available 24/ 7 and at running at peak performance.

Naturally with any e-commerce site we build and develop we offer complete training and ongoing support. Peace of mind and technical support come as standard when you choose Globalgraphics Web Design.



We offer a free initial Magento consultation to help identify you goals and objectives and to explain how Magento can help you succeed on-line.

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