• FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT Let us help make your business stand out from the crowd
  • LOGO DESIGN EXPERTS We design and create logos that immediately catch the eye
  • WHO ARE YOU? The logo we create for you will truly reflect what your business offers
  • THE PERFECT FIT We offer unlimited design revisions until your logo is perfect
  • BUSINESS CARDS We also design business cards and corporate stationery


An essential element of your website which has immediate impact is your company's logo.

Is your company logo a little tired looking? Does it inform customers who you are and what you specialize in? And does it fit in with your current website design? First impressions truly do count with your website visitors. That's why it's essential for both your company logo and your web design to make an impact!

The creative team at Globalgraphics Web Design has the artistic talent and experience to design you a logo that encompasses exactly who you are and what you offer. With each logo design customer we follow a thorough design process. Our objective will be to deliver you with a company logo that you are proud of!

You can find a great selection of company logos that we have designed in our on-line portfolio. Whatever sector of industry you are in we will design a logo for you that your customers remember!


It's simple why you should choose Globalgraphics Web Design...

  • We find out exactly who you are! Knowing exactly who you are, what you specialize in and who your customers are will be essential to create your perfect company logo.
  • Thorough design process We'll design multiple graphical concepts of how your logo could look until we achieve the perfect look.
  • Business Cards & Letterheads If you like we can also design your new business cards and corporate stationery using your new logo design at an additional cost.


To ensure that we get on the right track from the very start we'll undertake essential research. We'll want to know exactly what your company does, the products and services that you specialize in, and the types of customers you are targeting. We'll also ask about your colour and font preferences and what other elements need to be incorporated into the new logo.

Our highly talented creative team will then prepare multiple design concepts of how your new company logo will look. We'll upload these concepts onto a dedicated preview area of our servers that only you can access and then ask you provide us with feedback on what you like, and what you don't like.

Through the process of your feedback and further design concepts our creative team will hone in on a final logo design for you. Naturally we'll provide you with as many design changes as you need in the creative process to ensure the final result is a logo that you're delighted with.

Looking to re-do your business cards and corporate stationery with your brand new logo? Then look no further than Globalgraphics Web Design as we can do this for you! We'll again create graphical concepts of these and ask for feedback until you are completely happy with the results!


Let Globalgraphics Web Design create a superb eye-catching company logo for your new website!
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